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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226
Affected RPers: Eternal Moonlight (Candace), Narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity(Schrodinger and Alice)

The instant he got over the first hill, he had a feeling that this wasn't going to be the fully stealthy run through here Zek wanted.

Eggbots weren't their only company: Roboticized Weezing, of all things, were lurking around. Eggman, apparently, didn't like the odd shape of the Weezing, and made a more spherical appearance. Multiple eye-like censors, heat-sensors, ectcedera. They spewed toxic gas-as usual-but more importantly, were stuffed with explosives, and if defeated by any distance but very, very far, would be able to detonate. If that wasn't a signal to Badniks from miles away, there'd be little else that could.

However, Badniks had bad sense of tactics. Robotnik’s ‘tactics’ required numbers to be effective, usually: If matched number-for-number by soldiers with your average assault rifle, the soldiers would probably walk away with low casualties while the Badniks either suffer tremendous damage or outright be demolished. Robotnik could spew his forces out by the thousands, andhad to spew out his forces by the thousands-he could lose them by the thousands just as easily.

A sniper got into position. Zek wasn't used to anything bigger than an SMG, and he'd let the professional sniper do the work here. He wasn't an effective long-range sniper himself, having never used the weapon, though the instant he got the time he'd start training. A spotter for the Sniper nearby quietly muttered such factors as wind speed and temperature. The Roboticized Weezing was big, but if done correctly, it would look like the thing blew up of it's own accord. There were early cases of Pokémon rebelling against the programming of Roboticizing, ending badly for Robotnik: Electric-Typed Pokémon short-circuited their mobile slavery suits (Robotnik surge-proofed the Roboticized Electric Types), Psychic Types used their mental powers to move around certain plugs and overload circuits (the Priority for them after the first few instances was apparently kill on sight rather than Roboticize, there wasn't a way around it), Ghost-Types just phased through the Armor if they could (Gengar seemed to be the Bane of the common grunts, and again, Ghosts were killed without hesitation, no Roboticizing unless it was proven they couldn’t escape). There were other incidents when Robotnik just wasn't prepared for the amount of willpower and power outright the Pokémon had, too, though nowadays Robotnik seemed to have it pinned down. Still, the Eggbots may think it was an accident, and it would be hard to investigate without leaving a post, so unless it happened twice, they'd be assuming nothing was happening.

"...Sir?" Said the spotter.

"Yes?" Replied Zek. Ugh. Here we go...Another complication.

"There seems to be a large Piplup, bobbed, tied to a rock, and gagged, in that nearest camp. See?" Said the spotter, giving his binoculars to Zek.

Sure enough, Zek saw it. Large Piplup-except that it was a pure blue color, rather than most of the markings, save a fluff of white on the chest and a patch on the eyes. No fingers either, flippers. It seemed to be one of the Anthros. There was a light vest (Black) and a pair of black-tinted goggles (He was reminded of Eggman immediately). As stated, the large Piplup was tied to a rock, and as unstated, the thing was struggling against the metallic binds to no avail. It was up for Roboticization, but such things weren't around in this preliminary camp-the real house for the Badniks around here was the volcano itself, which was probably crawling with Badniks.

He heard what Alice Card said, and he aknowledged it with a nod to the right, but gave her the Binoculars to look at the camp.

Do we rescue him? asked the Sniper. I've got two other targets in my sights, perfect for a distraction. He said.

Zek thought about it for a minute. On one hand, the less casualties, the better, and there weren't any Roboticizing machines around outside the Volcano's interior, where the Badniks had taken as their stronghold here. They'd have to wait for something else to pick them up, meaning he had the time. Plus, whatever it knew-or guessed-was valuable, and in the end, there was probably some sort of power it possessed that could help immensely (or pitifully) in retaking the mountain. On the other hand? Anthromorphs weren't known for full-on loyalty (There was only one Anthro in an officer position in the RU, and that was a gray anthro Liepard look-alike that was clearly a bit insane, and that wasn't counting the Eggman-level genius that was Tails), it was much easier to take out the closest target, it was probably a civilian (he heard that as 'worthless guy who sits around either panicking or doing nothing), and for the love of Arceus, it looked like an utter idiot, trying to struggle free. It looked like the overly-large Piplup would get in the way rather than help.

".......Do we have a choice? Rescue it." Zek said, rather grumpily. He didn't trust the Anthros. But they were powerful, and it was an order to prevent Roboticization whenever possible anyways.

The spotter and sniper exchanged a few fast quips on the two targets they chose, indistinguishable to regular eyes from the consistent rain of ash, then they shot their first target.

BOOM! Even from here, the ash blew away to reveal what they shot-and from the looks of it, most were true robots and not roboticized. He could see blood, though. A second group, to the southwest of the position that just got blown to smithereens, was looking in as much surprise as the closest one, now fully visible at this range. Both waited a minute-enough quips for the Sniper to aim at the next target, even as the ash rain resumed to reduce visibility.

BOOM! The noise made a few of the soldiers nearby him cover their ears, but ultimately the goal was achieved-the Eggbots and the Roboticized Weezing left their usual posts to go check out the disturbance.

Zek himself was responsible for it-he didn't trust the others to be stealthy, trust at his low levels or no. He took the few steps silently, hiding behind whatever cover possible to hide from the sensors, until he got close enough to the Oversized Piplup that he could clearly hear his muffled yelling. He briefly reached out of cover to tap the Piplup on the shoulder, causing it to face him. He put his mouth on his lips, and the screaming ceased. He touched a thing on the back of the rock-which kept the ropes in place, apparently-and the ropes were released. Zek dragged the Oversized Piplup to cover, but didn't bother un-bobbing or gagging it. He dragged it back towards the safe-ish zone, where the RU forces were, and then, keeping a finger to his lips to symbolize further silence, he got another guy to un-bob and un-gag him. He was stupid to take the finger away from his lips.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthank-" The oversized Piplup immediately let forth, with an expression of ecstasy, no less. And he wasn't silent at all. Zek took his hand to the thing's beak and shut it, getting his SMG ready. This wasn't good.

The remaining robots quickly came back towards their camp, but didn't make their usual rounds, not even bothering to look at the rock. They quickly got themselves armed, and were coming directly towards Zek's position. The oversized Piplup gave it away like a sore thumb sticks out. Stealth wasn't an option this time-Now was the time for fighting. At least it was a small group, and not the whole force. But...Nevertheless, Zek quickly grabbed a Radio.

"Command, this is thirteen!" Zek said, quickly. "Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW." Zek quickly added. Eggshells-meaning, Badniks.

Then he looked back at the Piplup. "You better not be thinking of running away, bird." The 'bird' was absolutely frightened into nodding.

Then the firefight commenced. At least the RU weapons were muzzled. The Badniks had Melee weapons in the mix, but some had guns. Miserably lacking in Silencers, too.

"Card, 2 Pokes out!" He said quickly, as the silenced bullets started flying towards the Eggbots with Guns. The Stunfisk quickly proved worthless-these were Surge-Protected, and were stepped on. They've taken worse.

They'd all be taking worse if they didn't suceed.
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