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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Astrailyx flew over the roof tops of Central City, looking down and around, well out of the way of the defenses. Being the special type of sentience she was, she could reach out and feel everything in working order. Even the specially placed defenses exclusive to this world she could distinguish, the energy and power was so unique, it was overflowing almost. She could feel the clashing though at times, if she concentrated hard enough, or even in her sleep. Sometimes she even had nightmares of the turbulent universes. Her thoughts felt out to all the systems, looking for so much as a slight flux in system power.

“This is HQ, come in.”

The dragon’s thoughts were stopped by an incoming call. She adjusted her headset as she flew between buildings with ease.

“Go ahead.”

“Ace says there’s nothing, same as last time.”


Astrailyx kept minimal radio chatter at all times. Call it a small paranoia of being listened on, but this time of the day, with this much tension, she was careful. She was keeping a watch on everything, the skies, the water, and the land, even everything below sea level. Perimeters, anything robotic, she had a check on. In her mind she went through trying to memorize as many of the Badnik’s, robotic creations she had encountered in her lifetime with GUN. She had memorized a few, and knew their systems pretty well, but not everything. Even when the dragon was resting, as sleep was no requirement for her, she spent time and hours going through as much information as she held within her mind, trying to memorize it all. It was barely a scratch, as exposure to the universes colliding had her forget a few things that, at the time, nigh seemed important.

One thing she did remember however, was she wasn’t organic at all right now. She was special; she was the one thing GUN had against roboticization. She was immune to it, and while others cheered or glowered at her for having this seemingly blessed ability, Astrailyx still wished for her original body back. One day she may figure out how to change herself back, but now wasn’t the time.

Astrailyx had circled around the city almost twice now, knowing there were certain places she could not go when they were in a code red. Every bit was in place and now it was only a shoreline check before heading back to headquarters, where she was most useful. From the corner of her eye she spotted a large, red winged insect moving towards the location of Ace’s fleet. Upon further inspection, she recognized them as one of those Pokémon, owned by one of the humans from the other universe. Astrailyx thought the beings were intriguing, finding more relation to them since some could manipulate electricity, fire, or even wander through solid matter.

The dragon resumed thinking of the plans ahead, knowing it wasn’t a time for distractions. Astrailyx decided to head back, having a feeling that things were going to start up at any moment.
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