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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh

A shadow emerged from the darkness of the observation room. The trench coat clad man it yielded approached his superior with no particular caution; he long disregarded the notion of superior and inferior beings from his mind.

"He is just as likely to abstain from invading in the next 24 hours as I am to begin to enjoy my gluteal regions as a delicacy of the highest order. But then, you probably already knew that." The man spoke suddenly. It was obvious who "he" was to anyone with half of a quarter of a mind, so he did not feel the need to expound.

However, Socrates began to notice an uncertainty in the face of the woman: it was obvious she was hesitant about something. Socrates thought at length as to what precisely could be dividing the woman's mind, and could only come up with one sensible hypothesis.

"Chakram is not stupid, you know. He is probably the single most competent person we could have attacking those...robots. As an subset of his nonstupidity, he is not going to betray a heavily armed faction fighting for his freedom. I think we can both agree that would be idiocy itself. You were right to put him in command." Out of any other person, it would have sound like comfort; however, Socrates' childlike tone made the utterance sound more like a statement of fact. "I'm going to check on the scouts I have on the rest of the island. I have them most concentrated on the area just around the survival area, as that would be the most sensible for Eggy to attack, as not only is it the shortest route from here to Kanto, one of Robotnik's strongholds, but also it is extremely probable that it would draw our forces from Stark Mountain and possibly screw us all over from both sides." With that happy thought, Socrates decided to do what he promised:

<Hello, person of the earth. How may I help you?> The psychic "voice" playing in Socrates' mind was that of a purple multipointed star.
<How much company do we have? And also, how are the others doing?>
<No uglies so far. Sol and Grace are in different parts of the air right now, confirming what I just told you. Deborah is pacing and really bored, and she's driving Barricade up the wall. Antigone is somewhere, although I don't know where, and Amp is at the beach, waiting to do some roasting. Trick is lurking beneath Grace, covering her, and I can sense neither Hypatia nor Colossus, so I think they're with you, right?>
<Points for brains, Solomon. Keep an eye out.>
<I would, but no eyes. It's a drawback of being a psychic denizen of the water.>
<You know what I mean.>

The PI spoke,"No bots invading where I'm keeping eyes. But I do not know how much longer we can expect the lull."
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