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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: With a posting rate like this, makes me wonder why I'm not playing Sonic himself. XD

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City

The researchers overseeing the Dragoneye Satellite launch were strongly considering going forward with the launch operation, especially considering all eight surveillance teams, including mine, reported seeing nothing. It could be hours, possibly days, before the assault. The launch could be risky and we would be pushing our luck, but if we didn't get it up now, the whole thing could be wasted and we wouldn't have eyes in the sky.

"Well, we've got better news, at least," Switch told me, sitting down in a chair besides my lookout post on the bow. "Seems like they've finished the repairs on Central City. Reinforcing it, however, may take time. We're almost certain Eggman will attack before we can do that."

"The whole thing could be a bluff too," I told him, still looking out to sea. "Wouldn't put it past him to get us to think there's an imminent attack when really he's planning something else."

"He will attack," Switch told me, sitting up. "It's a matter of when. He's already dominated more than half the world with his ruthless army of machines."

They weren't exactly prepared for it in my opinion. Meanwhile, Central City was looking more like an oversized military base than an urbanized metropolis. Still, the whole thing could be a distraction. The Death Egg was still vomiting out robots by the hundreds. Robotnik could lose hundreds of them and he could just laugh it off. Still, we couldn't chance it. We had seen half the world fall into the madman's clutches. Any units that were deployed outside of Central City was us cheating on luck. We'd never forgive ourselves if Robotnik had overrun Central City because we sent units outside to do something stupid.

"Ground support to surveillance, all Titan AA turrets are in place and are now online," Corporal Sun, one of the communication technicians of the G.U.N. Ground Defense Initiative, told me. "All GDI troops are on standby, waiting for your mark."

"The Combat Dragon reports no dots on sonar, over," Captain Lash reported.

"Same for the Platinum Star. Out."

I felt like we had been repeating these same verifications hundreds of times for the last few hours. Ever since the threat alert had been set to yellow, we were spending most of the day just watching, but still, every last citizen of Central City was pissing their pants over this possible incoming attack.

It was times like this where I really wish we'd start giving civilians at least some form of basic self-defense and combat training. Otherwise civilians just get in the way with their panic and hysteria. Heck, I wouldn't even complain if they at least just scouted and helped keep watch and report if they really weren't confident to fight. Or be communications technicians, engineers, medics, at least doing something to help the defense.

"You hear about those tank units they're creating?" I asked Switch, figuring small talk couldn't hurt to pass the time. "Battlefists, I think they were called?"

"Right," Switch replied, nodding. "Haven't heard a bloody thing about them besides research and development pushed it past the design phase. If you were hoping those thing would be joining us today in defense of Central City, I'm definitely urging you not to hold your breath waiting for that to happen."

Couldn't hurt to hope. But realistically, he was right. Still, as much as I was looking forward to stronger ground support, I knew I still needed to watch my own hide. Asking for cover fire was always a big mistake, I felt. Assuming you'd get that was taking too much of a chance and relying the guys you were depending on actually had visual on the enemy.

Still, I knew just one sentry unit had to give the call, and all hell would be unleashed into the water and the sky would be lit up like Independence Day on steroids. I was tempted to start taking bets with Switch to see how long it would take before there was an accidental misfire.

With all the infantry, armored vehicles, and turrets just waiting and watching and getting more paranoid by the moment, I knew some poor sap was going to humiliate themselves for life soon enough.

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