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Default Re: [SUDS] Dreamwalkers [All Role Players welcome!]

I guess this'll do:

Name: Hamilton 'Ham' Yorkson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ham is tall, around 6'3, a lanky giant. He has jet black hair which is always combed back (it's long enough to go down to the top of his eyes, an orange plaid shirt, and black dress pants on. His eyes are a deep brown, and when he stares at you with that boyish grin he always wears it looks like he's staring right through you. He has a small scar on his hand when he was training a Nidorino a couple years back, a cut across his palm, but other than that he doesn't have any blemishes.

Pesonality: The thing that would most describe Ham is 'Kindness' he is always smiling, positive, and looks out for everyone like a big brother. Indeed, he is almost impossible to annoy, though he himself can be mischievous sometimes. Although mature enough, he acts as though he is still a child, and that can lead to mistakes when he is too rash in a Pokemon battle.

Underneath it all is an underlying sense of something chasing him, however. Ham will casually look behind him at random intervals, his eyes betraying a sense of fear. This has heightened due to his lack of sleep, and Ham likes sleep. He feels that, without sleep, he cannot battle and live as well, and its put him into an eternal panic mode.

History: Ham was born in Phenac City in Orre, the son of a rich businessman, whose company later moved to Hoenn, where his father was too busy in Rustboro, but kept in touch through the Rusturf Tunnel, as Ham and his mother lived in Verdanturf. His childhood was happy enough, but it always seemed clipper because his father was never there, so eventually at 13 Ham moved out, traveling on his own with just a Koffing by his side. He caught Pokemon, and managed to get a small little team together, sometimes challenging gyms.

Eventually, he came home to Verdanturf when he was 15 and attended his father's funeral. There, Ham learned from his dad's aide that he was the heir to the entire company. Ham could not decide whether to take the job or not, but since he had a couple years (he couldn't get the job until he was at least 18) Ham decided to travel to a distant land to work on studies, and train and explore.

So he arrived in Kanto, Ham obtained a new Pokemon to train with his Numel, and thus began traveling....

However, he could not sleep, and was visited by Reshiram, the Master of Truth, who told him of his quest. Now he is in the Entralink when asleep, and Kanto when awake, his goal in the real world to explore and deem himself worthy of taking his late father's place as CEO of the company, while battling Insomance in the dream world.


Path (Weezing, M)

Ability: Levitate
Nature: Serious

Laura (Tropius, F)

Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Mild

Feist (Nidorino, M)

Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Naughty
Note: Ham got Feist via a trade, so sometimes the Nidorino won't listen to him.


Julius (Beautifly, M)

Ability: Swarm
Nature: Sassy


Numb (Numel, M)

Ability: Simple
Nature: Lax

Other: Numb was just caught, so is still training.

Shell (Squirtle, M)

Ability: Torrent
Nature: Bashful

Other: The latest addition to Ham's team

Other:*Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!
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