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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Attacker: Charizard
Attackee: Pickachu
Attackers Value: 36
Attackees Value: 13 (with the -3 added)
Bonuses: -3 (+7 for typing, -10 for evolution)
Attackers Points After:23
Attackees Points After:0
Pickachu knocked out

Attacker: Charizard
Attackee: Voltorb
Attackers Value: 23
Attackees Value: 16 (with the -3 added)
Bonuses: -3 (+7 for typing, -10 Evolution)
Attackers Points After:7
Attackees Points After:0
Voltorb Faints

Attacker: Charizard
Attackee: Rachiu
Attackers Value: 7
Attackees Value: 47 (with the +7 added)
Bonuses: +7 (+7 for typing)
Attackers Point After:0
Attackees Point After:40
Charizard Faints

Brandon i have shown this a couple of times. this is the last time, next time you will not get the badge to you figure this out on your own and you will lose 5 points.. youve been around since the beginning. watch how its done already

you have to make your next move now.

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