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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City

"Break" was a term I used loosely. Whenever I took a "break," it was only because four continuous hours of staring out to sea could start playing tricks on anyone. "Break" consisted of still being on the bow, looking out, but sitting down and guzzling down a caffeine drink before getting back up and doing it all over again. As any other sniper would tell you, there was no such thing as boredom. Patience, on the other hand, was not my forte.

"Astrailyx wants your full report on the situation," Switch told me, having just come back from HQ. "Nothing from Commander Shadow as of yet."

"Nothing but a lot of water so far," I told him. "What about the rest of the defenses?"

"The TW sentry towers are up and operational," He replied. "Same for the DZs. Skylance Mobile AA units are being loaded and prepped right now. Should be ready to defend the shoreline soon enough."

Well, at least we had that much so far. Personally, I was hoping we'd at least get the Dragoneye Surveillance Satellite up before any kind of assault happened, but that was a long-shot. Last thing we needed was for Eggman to intercept an expensive piece of military equipment only to watch it explode. They wouldn't launch until the coast was perfectly clear, and right now, everyone was too much on the edge of their seats to even think about sending that thing up into space.

As for these strange creatures the humans called Pokémon, I wasn't so sure about them. They had no idea what they were dealing with here. I heard the comment that one human could resemble as many as six Pokémon that could fight on their behalf, all tucked away into white and red spheres called Pokéballs. At any time, a human could call them out and summon them from the ball, and then order them to attack, among plenty of other things that could serve as utility. The main issue was communication. Trainers couldn't actually understand their own Pokémon, although the reverse seemed to be true. In terms of reinforcements, I wasn't so sure it would be enough, but the numbers had to count for something.

The truth was, even they could still be roboticized, and turned into yet another mindless insect to add to Robotnik's horde. Supposedly, there were rumors of "legendary Pokémon," ones that were the overseers of the world and had overwhelming power. Anyone would be an idiot to not realize that if those rumors were true, we could start to see a bunch of them as robots as well once Robotnik got his hands on them.

"Ace, the Skylance Mobile AAs are in place," The operator contacted me on the radio. "Any visual on bogeys?"

"That's a negative," I told him, rolling my eyes as I definitely would have reported it if I had seen something. "Nothing but waves, all signals cold. Last I heard from the Wasp and Bulldog units was pretty much nothing. No sightings."

And they weren't incompetent either. All sectors of the city had to be under surveillance at all times by multiple units. The way everyone was paranoid, I was surprised there hadn't been a misfire yet from some itchy, trigger-fingered newbie. You could always depend on them to screw something up.

Having the Skylance AAs in position was a bit of comfort. Four RX9 machine guns armed with armor-piercing rounds, as well as two Grudgefire missile launchers. They were also given considerable armor, although the real issue was them running out of ammo. Considering how many robots Robotnik had at his command, we'd need every last one of them.

"All units, all CCADC assets are online and operational at this time," the air defense operator spoke on the general channel. "On standby for confirmed scout unit assessment."

"NDI sentry, Nightkin Unit reads you," I spoke into the radio. "Sentry unit confirms no sighting on southwest sectors four through six. Out."

"CCADC, this is Wasp Unit, also confirming no sighting for western sectors one through three," Axel reported.

I thought I was pretty deadly serious about this position until I met wasp Axel Blacksting, who was an intricate and particular about everything he did. The guy was a brutal perfectionist, and hated screw-ups. I swore, the two of us could have hour long chats about how bad the usual newbies were. He also tried to look as stately as a wasp could. Although we could agree on several things, I just didn't like being around him anyway. After a while he started picking at even my inconsistencies, and it got to the point where I had to leave the room before I felt like smacking him in the face.

"Bulldog Unit, we ain't got squat on our sensors in the south seven through nine sectors," Beat's voice came onto the radio. "Check with the northwestern district. Over and out."

Beat was definitely not as formal as Axel was. Nor was he as concerned about this highly probably assault either. The gruff, casino bouncer-like bulldog probably felt he could rearrange Eggman's face using only his ham-fisted hands. And the way he loved blasting things apart made him pretty much the worst candidate to bring along for a stealth mission.

While all surveillance sectors were on high alert, the three of ours were the most watchful considering our sides of Central City were directly facing enemy territory. However, the others watching the rest of the city were vigilant also. A bit of fortune to us was that Robotnik was a scientist, not a military-grade tactician.

But the one thing he had in his favor was numbers.

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