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Default Re: [SUDS] Dreamwalkers [All Role Players welcome!]

Reserve Please

Name: Zac Richards

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pictures are allowed.

Pesonality: Zac has a unique personality as he has multiple personality disorder. His other personality is Blake. Blake is a creation of Zac's repressed anger. Zac is aware of Blake and tries to control him but to no avail. Zac is secretive but kind. He is willing to lend a hand but not to the lengths of danger or exposure to his identity. Blake how ever likes to make public appearances and show anger. Zac doesn't like Blake but sometimes Zac can use Blake as Blake shows more confidence and actually is stronger. Zac is the brains while Blake is the brawn. Lastly Zac believe Blake no something about Zac's childhood that may of cause Blake to be created.

History: Your character's backstory, maybe even include when they became a Dreamwalker!

Lucario-Sin (Red Eyes)

Other: Blake is more prone to appear in Entralink for an unknown reason. Blake likes to use Flare, Scar anf Sin while Zac likes to use Chi, Bolt and Crash.
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