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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Time seemed to be slipping through Astrailyx’s fingers as she fluttered about from room to room, checking up on everything defense based she possible could, thinking of teleporting herself everywhere to save time. However she needed all the energy she could save, still recovering from when the universes collided. Everything had been carefully put from what Astrailyx knew of robotics, pulling everything she could figure out as a safety measure. She knew Ace was out on naval duty and anything so much as a wave out of place she wanted reported. The dragon was to be prepared for the expected, and unexpected, and everything else in between. Astrailyx had the monorail systems set up, her fields set. Everything seemed to go according to her plans, with room for improvisation. Astrailyx had donated some of her very energy for the defenses of Central City, despite the fact she was in a weakened state. She was confident in her defensive capabilities, especially of the very thing that composed her body. Right now she was overlooking everything, saving what energy of hers she had for if she had to go out in the field.

“Everything is stable and in place?” She asked one of the other agents who was busily typing away at a computer.

“Yes, everything, even the Thunder Wave simulating towers, along with the DZ’s.” The woman explained to her. “We haven’t had a report from Ace or other instructions from Commander Shadow yet.

Astrailyx frowned a bit, looking back towards the open hallway, half waiting for him to come in. She worried about him constantly being stressed, as that was no way for a mind to operate. No doubt of course that her running around while she wasn’t fully healed either was troublesome, but Astrailyx was adamant on helping. Now wasn’t the time for worry, it was a time for focus. The dragon only hoped that Ace wouldn’t do anything too reckless.

The fields she could manipulate were in place, power or no power, she was the power for it. There were back ups, additional resources for the just in case, and even alternate plans if Robotnik did something a bit out of his mold. They were smashed into another universe after all, the doctor wasn’t the only one with new materials, and they were as well. Thankfully some of the denizens came to GUN, offering their assistance. Between understanding the world and dealing with how many comments about Shadow being a black humanoid ‘Shaymin’, she managed to keep moderate peace within the workplace.

As time started to seemingly drag, Astrailyx rethought her plan over, hovering in the air and sifting through her mass of information she had stored within her. She knew the DZ’s were going to work, the TW simulators were no doubt going to be lost, but were easily replaced. The dragon had worked with the other denizens of the strange universe and understood more than the rest about the creature’s called Pokémon. Thanks to them, Astrailyx had developed ways other than the typical way to try and keep Robotnik at bay.

Robotnik…Astrailyx disliked him so; how could one believe a world of metal and computers was a glorious one? The dragon almost pitied him for not understanding the beauty of nature, but with someone with such a mind obsessed with power and control, there was little she could do about it even if she had the power to. All there was right now was to keep everything safe and repair the damage done. She refused to let another universe fall again, never mind two of them. Trying to think of how he made sense made Astrailyx tired. She rubbed her claws against the gem embedded in her forehead, opening her eyes and looking back at the screens. Everything inside seemed to be fine, so there was only one other thing she could possibly do.

“I’m going for a quick fly around to see where everyone else is and get more reports back. If anything changes, let me know.” The dragon instructed, putting on a small headset over her ear for that very thing, darting out into the hallway and out GUN HQ doors.

Astrailyx could feel the energy in the air. Everything was tense as it would be before trouble happened, or a powerful thunderstorm. At heart, she didn’t want to fight, she rather the idea of fighting in a war be admonished, however there was a difference between fighting brutally and defending what you believed in, and who you cared for. That’s why she was here and that’s what she intended to do.
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