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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: K'sariya Damuna
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Team: G.U.N.
Occupation: Professional Breeder and Strategist
Appearance: Bright blue eyes peer out from tanned skin spotted lightly with minor acne around her temple and nose. Her features, framed by long, black hair tipped with auburn, are somewhat gentle; they lack the roundness of a laid-back individual, but are void of the sharp form of a strict soul. Her countenance is usually jarred with a small, tight-lipped line that is her mouth, and usually does not betray much emotion unless she is interacting with one of her Pokemon or someone she is fond of, and the latter is not likely. Her body is graced with average curves, but any form she has is hidden by the long, obsidian-colored cloak she wears all of the time. This only adds to her independent habits, and makes her a bit intimidating, especially with her height nearing around six feet. Her dark hair reaches down to her mid-back, though it is often kept up in a loose bun so that it does not get into her eyes. Her bangs were long ago swept aside and into the midst of her hair. The last time she cut it, she cut it to the length of her bangs. She wears black sandals with straps that go around her heel and over her foot several times for support. Despite this, her feet are rough and calloused from when she goes without them.

K'sariya, under her cloak, usually wears simple garments such as a dark red, long-sleeved shirt and blue jean pants. The exception to 'simple', though, is the steel armor that she wears over these. It is not heavy armor, but plates here and there, such as a small chest plate that protects her heart and forearm and leg guards. The chest plate is connected by two straps of sturdy cord to the back plate, and these two cords drape over her shoulders. The back plate and the chest plate are also connected on both ends by straps that run across her sides, at about the bottom of the rib cage, so that they will not swing and hit her back when she runs. The inner sides, the sides against her skin, are made of supple leather covered in a silk-like material that used to be helpful to prevent chafing, but has long since been worn down to the point of almost tearing, and is not as effective as it used to be. This steel puts her weight from about 130 lbs to about 150 lbs, and makes it difficult for her to swim. The armor is held and strapped to her by more leather, and fastened with buckles. K'sariya has many scars, though they are minor and blend in with her skin, but she has one on her back that is particularly brutal and somewhat fresh. Three pink, jagged, and horribly visible lines move down her spine. The maimed flesh protrudes slightly from her otherwise smooth skin.

As an archer, K'sariya keeps a steel bow looped across her back. The string is of Tauros sinew and the tips of the bow (as well as the handle) are covered in rubber so that any charged arrows she uses cannot electrocute her easily. The bow is of simple shape--curved slightly with a dip at the center. An arrow pod is strapped to her back over her cloak, and it holds several steel arrows. As with the tips of her bow, the butts of her arrows are covered in dark rubber. She can craft different arrows for different purposes.

Personality: This individual is just that--an individual. She is very withdrawn and very quiet. And when I say quiet, I mean quiet. She doesn't talk unless absolutely necessary, and initiating a conversation with her is hopeless unless it's absolutely urgent or you say something that offends her or majorly catches her attention. Small talk is not an option at the slightest, and any attempt to do so will only result in awkward silences. As to be expected, she is also a very good listener. Though it may not seem like it from the way she never talks, K'sariya is actually very cooperative, as well--just in a quiet way. If a higher power asks her to do something, she will carry out the orders if she finds them reasonable and worth following. She will help out anyone of Guardians of United Nations, but her hospitality and willingness to help does not extend any further than that.

Calculating and strategic, she tries to look at things from all perspectives, in the manner of a chess player. She has a very quick mind that cycles through scenarios very quickly, and she uses this to her advantage. She loves to spring traps and surprises on her enemies, and is always trying to think of new and unexpected ways to bring them down. This is also another reason for her silence--oftentimes she is too lost in thought to realize that she has been spoken to. K'sariya is also a very patient soul that is extremely tolerant of her comrades. She also has the irritating tendency to space out in these bouts of thought. She also knows how easily lives can get lost, and does not allow herself to get attached to other people very easily.

Pokemon, on the other hand, are a whole other story. This femme is also extremely attached to her Pokemon, but not in an extremely overprotective manner. She is confident in most of their abilities to defend themselves, but doesn't like sending them somewhere without her unless they are in pairs, though she will do anything if it is necessary. Just as they are loyal to her, K'sariya is loyal to GUN's cause, purpose, and members. She would not betray them if her life depended on it. Her Pokemon share her feelings, even if their general personalities vary so greatly from her own. She believes in what is right, and is prone to defending minorities, as well (as long as they are in GUN).

History: K'sariya was born and raised in Unova, as some of her Pokemon would suggest. Her parents were not ready for a child, and instead of buckling down and getting over it and raising her, they dumped her on her middle-aged grandparents, who ran the Day Care in Unova, and then promptly left the region. By doing this, they left a seed of bitterness inside of their child that would later germinate as the puzzle of their departure would click together in the adolescence's mind. From a very young age she was interested in strategy and the friendly uses of the creatures that lived in their wonderful world. Her grandparents interested her in the aspects of breeding, as well. From this, she fostered a love for Baby Pokemon, which she find absolutely adorable (though she wouldn't openly start d'awing or squealing over one in public). Unwanted eggs were always flooding in, and from these she has raised every last one of her team. This is one of the reasons why she has such strong bonds with her Pokemon--she is the only mother they have ever known.

K'sariya was not, and never will be, an ambitious soul, and she had no plans on being the Pokemon Champion or being the very best or any of the other silly dreams that seemed to be common in those that were her age. Her Pokemon, on the other hand, had very different ideas. Some of her more adventurous companions urged her to see how far she could go to the point of driving her up a wall, so she finally relented to their wishes. She pushed her way through the Elite Four and became the Champion, though she quickly stepped down. She wasn't good with the press and didn't like the attention at the slightest.

She lived a quiet, isolated life in the depths of White Forest with her Pokemon after moving out of her grandparents'. She visited them often, though, and loved them dearly, all while upkeeping a steady bitterness for her actual parents. It was in her own home that she earned many of her minor scars from taming wild Pokemon.

One day, her aging surrogate mother decided that a cruise around the Pokemon World would be wonderful. K'sariya came along with her grandparents, loving the idea. She was also worried about their health and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before they passed away. They were enjoying themselves on the leisurely vacation, unknowing to how it would end suddenly. It happened when they were at the southern end of Sinnoh, Robotnik's attack. His robots found the cruise ship they were sailing on, and ambushed it. Her grandparents were killed, and K'sariya barely survived when she was knocked off the boat, unconscious. A deceased Trainer's Lapras was the only reason she survived--it took her to the far western edges of Unova. When she woke, she thanked the Lapras and wished it a safe journey to wherever it may end up.

K'sariya, from there, used her own Pokemon to go to Central City. The city's lights intrigued her and reminded her of Castelia, and the comfort that came with familiarity drew her toward it. It was there that she learned of GUN. She did not seem to be the most beneficial member, at first, as her grandparents' death left her completely silent. Nobody could even get her to tell them her name when she arrived. After about a day, she finally accepted her grandparents' death, and promised to do her best to avenge them. K'sariya took a great interest in the bow and arrow, and is her weapon of choice beside her Pokemon.

Pokemon team:
Beware of the overload of gifs.
(nickname species gender nature)

Ikuja Ferrothorn Male Relaxed | Altair Galvantula Male Modest | Astyn Hydreigon Female Adamant | Zira Volcarona Female Modest | Kalahaq Metagross Male Brave | Thalion Jellicent Male Quiet | Alixra Musharna Female Quiet |Kozanar Tyranitar Male Impish | Monsoon Kingdra Female Hasty (no, none of their names are nubnub)

Weapons: Bow and arrow (described in appearance)
Equipment: Pokedex, armor (described in appearance).
Other: n/a
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