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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

• Name: Eden-Anastasia (That's not first and middle name; it's all my first name)
• Name Meaning: Eden- Beauty Anastasia- Rebirth
• Alias: Eden, Minty, Edeneh
• Join date: April 2012
• DOB: July 12 '93
• Age: 18
• Birthplace: Mississauga, Canada
• Location: Same as birth place
• Sex: Female
• Race*: Caucasian
• Ethnicity*: Italian
• Status: Taken
• Orientation: Bisexual
• Occupation: Student/ Barista
• Grade: Year 1 community college
• Family: I have no relationship with my parents; I live with my boyfriend
• Pets: Twister the chinchilla, and Bijou the guinea pig.

• Height: 5'2"
• Weight: 125 lbs
• Shoe Size: I think US 8
• Eye Color: Pale green
• Hair Color: Blonde
• Piercings: Lobe and navel
• Tattoos: None atm, but I'm planning on tattooing an Abra on myself soon

• Color: Purple
• Number: 32
• Animal: Axolotl
• Pokιmon: A tie between Ralts and Abra
• Flower: Does Sunflora count as a flower?
• Food: Grilled cow heart
• Candy: All candies
• Restaurant: 168 Sushi (It's only in the Greater Toronto Area)

• Movie: A Clockwork Orange
• Movie Genre: Horror, psychological, and anything B-list of pre-1980s
• Animated Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
• Non-animated TV Series: Shameless (US)
• Anime: Pokemon
• Comedian: Zach Galifinakis
• Actor/Actress: A tie between Tim Curry and Woddy Harrelson
• Video Game: Pokemon Emerald
• Console: Nintendo 64
• Singer: Adam Lambert
• Band: Dream Theater and Rush
• Song: Bridges in the Sky- Dream Theater
• Favorite Music Genre: Progressive Rock/ Progressive Metal
• Album: Octavarium- Dream Theater

RANDOM: (Also Favorites)
• Character: Sheila Jackson (Shameless US)
• Quote: "Don't dream it; be it" - Dr. Frank N. Furter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show
• Book: A Clockwork Orange and The Catcher in the Rye
• Clothing Brand: Pink by Victoria's Secret
• Season: Spring
• Day of the Week: Thursday
• Month: May
• Sport to play/watch: Do- MMA Watch- Lacrosse
• Languages spoken: English, French, Italian, some Japanese
• Places traveled: I've never left Canada, but I've been to all the provinces
• Hobbies: Playing video games, going on PE2K, blogging, planning world domination
• Tags/Keywords: minty

• MySpace: n/a
• Facebook:
• twitter:!/mintjellytumblr
• AIM: edenabra
• YIM: n/a
• MSN: (I'm not on too often)
• IGQ: n/a
• Skype: eden.abra
• DeviantArt: n/a


My boyfriend and I at my prom last year

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