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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Completed. I may or may not edit this slightly, if that's alright.

Character name: Her true name is known by few, Cadence is what she’ll introduce herself as.

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: The human verity

Team: Revolution Uprising

Occupation: Acting head of the RU, ace hacker.

Appearance: Standing at a fair 5’5 and her weight hovering at the average, Cadence’s basic physical structure doesn’t turn heads. Her chocolate brown hair reaches about midway down her back, and while it is usually left down, is occasionally tied into a professional bun. Two thick locks constantly frame her face, bun or not. They do not come close to obstructing her almond shaped eyes, which are a dark brown, almost black.

In reality, the last two major points were both lies. The first is a wig which conceals real hair, which barely falls past her shoulders, is currently dyed cherry blossom pink but is naturally a light auburn. Without the colour contacts, her eyes would be a faded emerald green.

Cadence’s wardrobe is quite diverse. Normally, however, she like to wear fairly casual clothes. Her tops tend to be t-shirts, which are cut in the way a conservative would approve. These are usually a fairly light shade of blue or purple, and serve a nice contrast with the darker bottoms they are paired with. Most of the time, these are a denim although dressier pants do exist in her closet. All of these have secret pockets, just in case. Normally, Cadence will also wear a dark grey, sleeveless lab coat over everything else.

Her arms, however, are not bare. Running past her elbows are a pair of black gloves, which are worn more often than not. Footwear tends to go along the lines of navy hikers boots, with worn deep pink laces tied into a tidy bow.

Of course, being the head of the RU, Cadence has more business savvy clothing. She just prefers not to wear it all the time. Actually, it is rare to find her all dressed up.

Personality: Interestingly, the woman is an admirable hacker, capable of infiltrating some of the best security systems pre-Robotnik. She is efficient, diligent and clean, leaving little to no traces of her presence. Unless, of course, making a general mess of things was the plan or a part of it. This “trade” has forced Cadence to become cool under fire and made of her a great improviser.

Having worked in teams though, she has learned that planning is a key process. However, being able to think on one’s feet if and when the situation changes are just as important. These points, Cadence makes sure to vouch and exemplify first hand.

Despite her skills, the woman is a fairly honest leader. She isn’t bleeding charisma, and would prefer telling a grim truth over a fancy lie. In enemy hands, however, Cadence can become a deceptive character, weaving tall tales in order to protect the integrity of the RU. Accomplishing this probably nets her more pleasure then it should.

Unsurprisingly, one usually finds Cadence in a calm, collected state. She can speak of terrible tragedies with an unwavering tongue and a straight face. Simply put, it looks like nothing fazes her. Note the key words in that previous sentence, looks like. In reality, she has learned to control her emotions and hide them from the world. That does not mean they are not felt, however. Calling her an insensitive robot would be seriously overestimating the emotional capacity of the common android.

Cadence is fairly weak physically, making her an easy target if she is unarmed or without Pokémon. She is also hopeless in the wilds of the world and would probably have problems starting a fire on her own, among other things. The woman also has a bad case of claustrophobia, which is triggered by small, dim spaces. In response to this, she freezes entirely and babbles like a lunatic. None of it is intelligent, and she does require a cool down to regain her faculties.

History: At first, Cadence’s past isn’t anything special. She grew up one of Nimbasa’s poorer neighborhoods, the rarely seen face of the otherwise glamorous city. Her father was only occasionally in the picture, as he would get together and then break up with her mother (who would occasionally be the one calling things off) unpredictably. The household was rarely stable in that regard and things would often change without notice. One of the few consistencies was, oddly enough, her maternal parent strict nature with all things educational. Cadence was pushed hard when it came to school, getting top grades was of top priority. She also had limited access to typical childhood pleasures such as toys and friends. This would keep the girl anti-social for many years to come.

However, she didn’t fit her mother’s mould to utter perfection. Cadence started to develop rebellious tendencies, which first started out as stealing. She wasn’t too good at it, but getting caught allowed her to develop an impressive competency in the art of lying. A lack of talent kept the actual thieving from going too far in the end.

When the girl was introduced to computers in late elementary school, that’s when things took an interesting turn in her life. It didn’t take Cadence long to begin simple hacking, which ended up backfiring a few times, but never in ways that would land her in too much hot water. She kept at it though, and after several years, became a menace.

During this time, she came to own her first Pokémon, a Snivy. Cadence just found it in her room one morning, fascinated with the small mirror she owned. How it got there was and still is a mystery, although the girl convinced herself an open window was its way in. Naturally, when the girl approached, it fled, but kept coming back. Eventually, they managed to interact and build a decent friendship.

From that point, Cadence became a bit better with people. This paired with a good teacher helped her gain positive traits, eventually helping her become a more honest character. She still preferred the company of a computer though, perfecting her hacking skills. In fact, this would set the stage for a most… interesting experience…

During her early seventeenth year, the girl accidently tapped into an unknown databank. She wasn’t able to get very far in, however, before being discovered and losing access. However, the damage was done; Cadence had discovered the identity of the Nuit Noir. Little did she know, they’d also just discovered her...

Until, that is, two of their agents knocked on her door one fine Saturday afternoon. It didn’t take them long to deduce that the “Master Hacker” they were looking for was indeed this teenage girl. For a fraction of a second, Cadence noticed their shock, but the men quickly recovered. In the end, they offered her a choice, work for them get busted. They actually managed to find a record some of her work, which would have been enough to get her in serious trouble. With a soft sigh, she made the only logical decision.

From then on, the girl was technically dead. It was surreal reading about her apparent murder, having to take on a new persona, which became known as Cadence. For the next three years, she received extra training and was made into an even stronger hacker. Also during this time, she acquired a few more Pokémon, Porygon for hacking and an Eevee, Trapinch and Riolu for self defence.

It was hard to see Cadence as anything more than a gifted hacker and decent trainer. She lacked the social abilities, leadership skills and good planning skills needed to become the head of any organisation, let alone one like the Nuit Noir. However, an important promotion would help fix these issues…

Following this promotion, Cadence was now forced to work with other highly competent people and their influence slowly rubbed off on her. She was exposed to many types of missions, learning how they worked and were carried out. For a while, things were running smoothly…

And then, the attack happened. Shockingly enough, the NN, which had never let the Johto-Hoenn alliance down, was disbanded. Cadence found herself supporting her leader’s protests against this seemingly misguided action. Even when he was drafted and killed in the ensuing war, which saw the downfall of both governments, she remained loyal to the Nuit Noir’s cause.

She wasn’t the only one. Surviving agents like herself soon banded together, and after much talk and planning, decided to erect the Revolution Uprising.

Cadence, to this day, doesn’t understand how she really got command of the organisation. The new leader, which had been the Nuit Noir’s head of strategic planning, was killed while surveying the possible location for a new base. In order to avoid anarchy, he’d left, in his will, the identity of his successor, should one ever be needed. Nobody expected Cadence’s name to be there. Most were weary, some still are, but so far, she’s done a good job.

Will it last?

Pokemon team:

Grace the Snivy-Female-Contrary
Grace is Cadence’s first and most trusted Pokémon. She has a calm, cool and collected personality although traces of vanity can make her hard to get along with at first. Despite being un-evolved, the Snivy is quite useful in battle, relying on her ability, speed and small size to make up for a lack of raw power.

*She is quite stubborn about staying outside her Pokéball. She will go inside if need be, but would rather not.

Soul the Lucario-Male-Steadfast
Being an Aura reader and user, a strong battler and a good body guard, Soul wears many hats on Cadence’s team. He is very much a justice fighter and usually acts and speaks in a gentlemanly fashion. Going off the last sentence, Soul is capable of human speech.

Kai the Vaporeon-Male-Water Absorb
Kai is an emotional battler, despite his training. He tends to put more passion into fights, which can work for or against him depending on the situation. Also, his ability to melt into water is used fairly often for stealth and recon purposes. One of Cadence’s more trusted Pokémon.

Snapdragon (or just Snap for short) the Flygon-Female-
Cadence likes to ride Snap as her primary means of transport, and as such, the Pokémon has developed good endurance and a decent tolerance to weight. This means she is quite quick when flying passenger free, which is very useful in battle.

Abyss the Porygon Z-Genderless- *Shiny
Unlike most PorygonZ, Aybss lacks the bizarre shaking quirk, that having been fixed by its trainer. It is mainly used for hacking purposes and regular Pokémon battles are not its forte. That being said, it knows a wide range of attacks, and is pretty quick.

*It’s shiny status is a result of Cadence’s hacking.

Pixel the Porygon2-Genderless
Pixel, like Abyss, is mainly used for hacking. It lacks a definitive personality, although this Pokémon will not obey anyone other than Cadence. Whether or not this is out of loyalty or a simple tweak by its trainer is a mystery.

Luna the Purrloin-[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Female[/COLOR]-
Luna is the perfect spy, small, nimble and fast, which is put to good use. Usually, Cadence uses the cat to collect information or patrol the base, looking and listening for “threats”. Despite the latter role being for security, Luna likes to eavesdrop on personal conversations as well.

*it is worth noting that most don’t know of Luna’s existence.

Grey the Beheeyem-Male
Grey isn’t Cadence’s, being the sole survivor of the original leader’s team. Under strict orders, he is not to be used casually and is a last resort only. His memory altering skills are amazingly accurate, although they fail to work on anthropomorphic characters and robots.

*like Luna, very few know of his existence.

Weapons: Cadence is fairly unarmed, although she does carry a tazer with her at all times.

Special powers: Zee nubnub! A more serious response would be n/a

*A highly efficient, state of the art laptop. This has increased range and a reliable network, even in the middle of nowhere. Used for or less for communication.

*A Pokénav with that has been waterproofed and fit with a map of the globe. It has not been updated to take the Sonic locations into consideration… yet.

*A small backpack that houses a bunch of random things. The most noteworthy of which is a notebook containing most of the known information on the Choas Emeralds. Oh, and a gasmask, can’t forget about that.

*When Cadence leaves the base, she makes sure to bring along a jacket (or her lab coat which is) laced with Twaron. Her soldier’s helmet is also laced with the stuff, and her black gloves are made of it, in case you were wondering.

Other: Anything I may have forgotten.

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }

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