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Default Re: Digimon: The Reckoning

Lydia Applegate.



A DigiDestined under Anarcomon's Army.

Lydia is fair in complexion at a height of 5'6'' and an average weight of 120 lbs. Her skin is as soft as a lilac - delicate like one too. The slightest scratch is ever-so-visible upon her body. Her long, pink-tinted hair cascades down her back and shoulder naturally. Lydia wears thin-framed glasses to shield her rose-colored eyes - sat promptly above her pixie-nose and lightly freckled cheeks. Lydia's body is fair, to say the least considering in her lifetime she was a model. Her attire consists of a light-blue wrap across her chest with a dark-blue dress shirt buttoned promptly to not leave little to the imagination. Across her half-bare stomach is a loose, brown satchel that hangs more towards her left side. Following her satchel is a plain, light-blue mini-skirt to dress accordingly with her wrap. She is fairly self-conscious on what she wears - although it tends to be more revealing than she thinks. Below all of that she wears pink flats to match directly with the accessories she wears on her wrists and marriage finger (although, she isn't married or engaged).

Lydia is the type of girl who puts on a fake persona. She tries to woo her companions with a false smile - false attitude, but really, she's a lonely girl in desperate need of friendship and attention. She hardly knows her true intentions and sometimes can become obnoxious with what she believes is right... or what others tell her is right. She is very temperamental and can easily lose her mind when confronted by conflicting ideas. She's definitely a soul searcher and is in desperate need for someone to take her hand and lead her towards the right path.

Lydia is also always constantly searching for someone or something to keep her shaky mentality sane. Being diagnosed as bipolar, she strangely always stays in her depressed phase. Even when her depression phase is "supposed" to end within day's time, something causes her to refrain from entering her mania phase and keeps her acting insane. She's always on the edge and verge of suicide and constantly brings danger to herself - deep down knowing all-too-well the consequences. She's simply a lost soul who is always searching for something - something to keep her mind off the edge of extinction.

Born October 31st to the birthstone of Rose Zircon, Lydia is the epitome of perfect. Born and raised under a fairly wealthy family in Hollywood, California, she was used to the limelight. Her mother, Jessibelle, was an actress and model for Victoria's Secret while her father Matthew, was a pro-football player as well as a model for plenty of T.V. commercials. It was a wonder how Lydia didn't grow up without the highest self-esteem there was. Her mother forced her to partake in modeling expos since she was able to walk and since then it was history. She won every opportunity handed to her - almost as if the judges were bribed. She never learned the values of friendship, dignity, self-reliance, and the value of her own self-perseverance and identity. Lydia had never known what it was actually like to be herself without paparazzi always following and directing her every move - more-or-less her parents always forcing her to do actions against her will. Lydia was the only child of this "seemingly" perfect family. No matter what the internet or news media forecasted her "perfect" happiness to be - deep down inside, Lydia wasn't happy or content at all. She was a lonely being searching for someone - or something - to complete her utter worthlessness. She was a scared girl lost in a land of luxury and pleasures that never seemed to fulfill her innermost desires of friendship.

However... Lydia's path all changed when a mysterious pink egg digitized before her when she was all alone in her room browsing the internet. She was only fifteen at this moment in history. This egg was filled with warmth and affection - something Lydia was without. So, for the next few days she watched over the large beauty, always holding it close to her heart. Then - on the third day, the egg began to hatch and from the broken shell a small seed-like blob appeared. It was love at first sight. Lydia became infatuated with the creature that sat before her shaky body. As soon as the two touched a beam of light shot from the nearest digital source and presented Lydia with a rose-colored Digivice. Thus, the friendship between the two beings began. That following week, Lydia moved from her parent's million-dollar estate into a small apartment of her own in San Francisco, California with her tiny-friend in hand - her parents non-existent at all in the matter.

The two, Nyokimon (as it was called) and Lydia were inseparable. Nyokimon could hardly speak and Lydia was unaware of her future destiny, but otherwise the two seemed happy. Nyokimon taught Lydia the seeds of true-friendship and it wasn't long until he digivolved, with the love and affection from Lydia, into Yokomon - a pink, floral-type Digimon. However, that is when the infection began... the infection of Anarcomon's Digimon squad in search of his Digimon partner. It was a dark, moonless night as Yokomon and Lydia gazed out onto the empty streets of San Francisco. It was an oddly quiet night so the duo began to roam the streets in search for civilization. They were only napping a few hours prior and had no possible clue onto what happened. Before this, Lydia believed that Yokomon was the only Digimon alive... she was very wrong.

Cages were aligned in the center of the city, barbed with thick wire protruding in all areas of the open spaces of the cages. Electric wraps were tied along the mouths of every human stacked in the large cages as well. Leomon, Apemon, DemiDevimon, and Bakemon were harassing every citizen and brutally forcing them against their wills into the cages. Tears rolled down Lydia's face and onto her partner Yokomon as they slowly backed away, in an attempt to run away from the onslaught and human-hunting. Lydia had no idea about what she had gotten in to. Suddenly, before the duo was out of sight, her Digivice began to go on the fritz. It shot a beam of light from her side where it was promptly clipped. The digitized sounds it created made a screeching sound that alerted the other Digimon foes of her presence. Apemon trampled the buildings, Bakemon disappeared and reappeared to surround the duo, DemiDevimon took the skies, and Leomon stalked the night for their prey. Lydia was surrounded. Her body was paralyzed, her heartbeat was racing, and her tears shook the ground she stood upon. She believed all hope was lost and she and Yokomon would become Digi-chow to these monstrous beasts. Then suddenly, Yokomon began to glow, jumped from Lydia's arms, and grew into a slightly bigger creature - half of Lydia's size - into a giant, pink bird that screamed out Biyomon. Lydia, scared, fell to her knees, holding herself, trying to make sense of the whole ordeal as her companion pecked away at their foes to no avail. His Digivolution was to no avail as the two were separated and thrown into separate cages - awaiting Anarcomon's judgement.

Lydia had awoken to the shrieks of small children as they were torn from their mother's. She woke up on a cold, dark, damp surface. The ground was hard and rocky - possibly metal, but it was too dark to make out. Her throat was clenched and her eyes were unable to adjust to the lingering darkness. Sobs and curses were echoing throughout the massive prison. All Lydia could do was hold her breath and wake up with Yokomon - or Biyomon as she remembered - in her arms on the small cot they shared in her apartment. Just as her thoughts of Biyomon coincided with her fragility, her Digivice began to glow immensely and the feeling that Biyomon was near gave Lydia a false hope as she rose to only find that her body was no longer in her possession. She suddenly felt as if she was drifting in a sea of darkness and lost consciousness as simple as she had awoken. Lydia soon found her body shaking as claws as sharp as daggers protruded her skin causing her to burst out with screams. Her pink-colored eyes opening up to nothingness - besides a single, shaking chandelier above her head - slowly rocking back and forth. Her body dangled in the air as her arms were held securely by two DemiDevimon, grinning like mad at her obvious anguish. A dark, looming voice bellowed out from the shadows, calling out to Lydia. Her face curled in absolute fear. That Digimon was Anarcomon. He never revealed himself to her but his voice was always in her mind. It shook her innards as if he was inside her himself. That wasn't the only voice that bellowed though...

Biyomon was held hostage by a lone Devimon, almost completely hidden in the shadows of the immense, almost pitch-black room. The two were beneath Lydia with Devimon pressing Biyomon into the ground, forcing him to watch his tamer as she suffered from Anarcomon's immense power. Biyomon managed to shake Devimon off long enough to tremble a few steps yelling out to Lydia that she should 'snap out of her hypnosis and to search inside herself' before having his body thrown against the wall by Anarcomon's power, forcing him to revert back to Nyokimon - losing his memory completely as he passed out from the massive blow. It was just Lydia and Anarcomon now as she struggled to make sense of what just happened. She bellowed out another scream of anguish as the DemiDevimon gripped harder into her delicate flesh. The chandelier shook ever so slowly to reveal a broken Nyokimon in the corner of her eye as a rainstorm flooded from her eyes. Thus the bond between the two were obvious. Without hesitance Anarcomon ordered the DemiDevimon to release the girl - having Lydia fall from a decent amount of feet in the air to the hard, cold, steel-like ground. Blood poured from her arms and her legs throbbed from their broken state. Another egg appeared before Lydia - one that was a light, chocolate brown with pink triangles embracing the sides. Anarcomon bellowed out for her to take the egg and that if she didn't Nyokimon would become another casualty of war. Lydia swallowed her tears, moaned in obvious pain and retrieved the egg before her. A feeling of complete darkness overwhelmed her being and thus, Anarcomon took control of her fragile state to make it his own. With a True DigiDestined under his control, he commanded her to join his army, find his partner, and to destroy the major streams with her new-found partner, Conomon and her now amnesia -ridden partner Nyokimon.

Additional Information:
Lydia is under a form of mind control under Anarcomon.

Partner 1: Biyomon

Name: Biyomon (changes when he digivolves).

Gender: Male

Digivolution Line: Nyokimon > Yokomon > Biyomon > Birdramon > Garudamon > Hououmon > Ornismon

Personality: Although Biyomon has become ridden with amnesia four years prior to the present, he never lost his loving and protective features. He will still do anything for Lydia, no matter what. He loves her too much to ever let harm come her way and keeps it his goal to keep her happy - although he has failed time and time again to make her even crack a smile. He despises Lopmon with an infuriating fury and deep down inside, knows that she is a bad influence for Lydia - always causing her to perform evil deeds against her will. Biyomon, besides all of this however, always feels a pang of despair in his chest at night or whenever he is in a very dull room. Something just pushes him into fear and helplessness whenever he is in these states.

History: His history is basically described with Lydia's.

Other: Biyomon cannot Digivolve past Biyomon. No matter how hard he tries for Lydia, he simply can't and doesn't even know why.

Partner 2:

Name: Lopmon (changes when she digivolves).

Gender: Female

Digivolution Line 1: (Corrupted Line) Conomon > Kokomon > Lopmon > Wendigomon > Antylamon (Virus) > Cherubimon (Evil)
Digivolution Line 2: (Angelic Line) Conomon > Kokomon > Lopmon > Turuiemon > Antylamon (Data) > Cherubimon (Good)

Personality: Deceiving and sly perfectly defines Lopmon. She is always around Lydia's neck whispering words of terror and torture into her canals. She is never seen as a trustworthy ally. She seems to force her allies into doing mischievous schemes that always result in Lydia being in some form of pain.

History: Lopmon was born the day Anarcomon handed her over to Lydia. From that moment forth, even before she was born, her data was corrupted with evil from the depths of Lillithmon's pores. She was born under the influence of utter evil and thus only served as Anarcomon's trustworthy ally in keeping Lydia under his utter control. Since then, she is always swinging around her tamer's neck whispering words of evil and corruption into her mind.

Other: Lopmon has a pain that always pulls at her heart whenever she Digivolves or whenever she whispers words of corruption into her tamer's shattered soul. She knows it isn't guilt and she knows it isn't sorrow. However, it's a feeling that makes her wonder if this is the right thing she should be doing... it always makes her wonder.

Henry Kuroro.
True DigiDestined.
Description (at least one paragraph):
Click - will add more to this later.
Personality (at least two paragraphs):
History (at least two paragraphs):
Additional Information:
Partner 1: Merlin - Candlemon - Male
Mokumon > DemiMeramon > Candlemon > Wizardmon > Mistymon > Dynasmon

Credit for the pictures goes to xdanond on with help from their Anime Character Maker 2 (On their DeviantArt and on Kongregate).
Jolteon owns all other eeveelutions~ ;D

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