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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Originally Posted by 2gamers View Post
Yay, approved!

3. In that case, who would RP the legendary? Would you let RPers do that and issue a verdict accordingly, or would we need a judge to RP such a pokemon?

4. I planned on having my character in Kanto and/or Johto. Would that still be possible as long as she's stealthy about it?

ANd while I have you here, who controls the badniks? Being regular grunt robots, can I assume those would be NPCed out to whoever wants fighting fodder, with a judge sending out a boss at his whim?
I still love lists 8D: The RPer would RP the Legendary too. I'd just say whether or not you convinced it or just bothered it enough to fly off and ignore you XD (I'm the judge by the way)

ROBOTS. Yeah, it's fine for her to still be there and sneaking around. The workers aren't terribly bright, and the soldiers are off fighting elsewhere in most cases. I'd try to avoid any factories you come across if you're on your own though :s

The mook Badniks are NPC'd by whoever happens to be fighting them. Boss-level ones I'll control, and forces in large enough amounts I'll control directly (During full-on attacks and such) but the weak grunts I'll generally leave up to the players to NPC. Just don't abuse it or you'll be very unhappy with what happens XD
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