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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Originally Posted by 2gamers View Post
I have a few more questions:

1. Regarding teams: Within the RP setting, will our team's characters also have to be in the same team or are our characters free to go their separate ways?

2. Can I assume catching pokemon is allowed? There doesn't seem to be any restrictions on pokemon teams, so I'm guessing this wouldn't need a judge to decide capture outcomes (as opposed to making weapons out of badnik parts). The only exception would obviously be...

3. Legendaries. An alien force is taking over the world, and they're probably doing a great job of it. Seemingly outgunned and outskilled in the ways of warfare, pokemon trainers and rebel teams will no doubt turn to the powerful legendaries to counter Robotnik. What are the rules for them? Can we catch them or somehow negotiate with them to help fight, with a judge deciding an outcome? While we're at it, the chaos emeralds are also powerful items. I see a list of them in the first posts, so I assume we can obtain them too. I'd love to know how :D.

4. What are the ground conditions for Robotnik-controlled areas? If I were an evil genius, the first thing I would do is go after the pokemon centers. With his technology, he could hack into the box system and wipe out any pokemon stored in computers (or enslave them). Then there's the mre direct approach of destroying the centers to limit healing opportunities. Has that already happened or will this be a campaign that happens during the RP?

5. Am I just imagining things, or does this RP start this Sunday?

There might be more questions, so thanks for dealing with a newbie who wants to be prepared :).
I love making lists 8D

1: That's entirely up to your character! If you're awarded any points your team still gets it, but if you want your character to go off on a tangent there's absolutely nothing stopping you. Makes for interesting plotzors~

2: Jup, catching Pokemon is allowed for Pokemon trainers. Otherwise everyone with a Sonic character would have Pokemon and that would just get problematic and then no one would want to be a Trainer any more :V Just don't overdo it and catch like twenty and march in somewhere with an army and I'm a-ok with trainers catching more Pokemon 'cuz that's what they do XD

3: Robotnik's going after the Legendary Pokemon as well~ If you can get to them first, you're more than welcome to try to convince them to help. They're worked like I have the Chaos Emeralds worked; if someone is striving for one, they have to put in enough effort to get it. So wandering around in the countryside doing nothing productive but looking for a magic rock isn't going to net you a magic rock, and you won't just be walking up on a Legendary in the middle of nowhere either. In general they're where they were in the games, which tend to be difficult to access areas. It's more an effort thing in getting them to actually pay attention enough to want to be bothered to help |D As for catching them, I'm gonna go with anime logic and say they're probably just going to nuke whatever Pokeball you use on them. Convincing them to help... Oui, that's a thing you'll probably want to try to do with a couple of 'em :3

4: Pretty much everything left there has been turned in to robots if it was alive. The worker robots are in the process of turning the towns in to fortresses, but the PC system is still in tact. Robotnik's not aware of it... and doesn't particularly care either. Silly bad guys, ignoring important things...

5: You are imagining things 8D It starts Saturday.

Reserves and approves all around 'cept for Duded who has told me he will work on his SU by the way :U
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