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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

OOC: hey winter at 1:00 to 1:05 is witch hunter slash in this video

Maka, Soul

Human, Weapon

Hollow Bastion

“She might be working for the people in black cloaks,” Cloud said to Aerith walking closer.

“Cloud if you can’t talk gently then don’t talk to them,” Aerith said in a gentle tone.

Cloud grunted and backed away but not so far that if she needed any help he'd be there. He doesn’t trust this girl that appeared in his world. Aerith turned to look at Maka.

“Sorry about that, he's protective of this world. We just got it back a few months ago. I’m Aerith and this guy is Cloud. These two who helped you are Leon and Yuffie. Who are you two if you please?”

“I—” Maka started when Soul taps her shoulder and shook his head. Maka whispered “Why not, she told us their names?”

“He thinks we are with the Organization that’s why,” Soul replied whispering back.

“We can change his mind if we tell them truth about us Soul,” Maka whispered and that was the end of the argument. “I’m Maka Albarn, scythe meister, graduate from DWMA and ex-apprentice teacher for the DWMA. My partner—” she looked over at Soul.

“Fine. I’m Soul Evans, a death scythe, graduate from DWMA and ex-apprentice teacher there too,” Soul said looking at Aerith and her friends then back at Maka. “You can finish talking with them.”

Before anyone could say anything Aerith asked, “So does this mean you aren’t with the people in black cloaks? And what is the DWMA mean?”

Before Maka could say anything Yuffie said, “We should finish this Q&A back at HQ before anymore of them show up.”

They nodded and started to walk away when Yuffie looked back to see Maka and Soul haven’t moved from their spot. She walked back and got behind Maka and started to push her in the way the HQ was.

Maka looked over to Soul but all he did was follow behind her and Yuffie. She wasn’t paying any attention to where they were going because she was trying to keep from falling to the ground. When Yuffie stopped outside of a house Maka stumbled a bit before getting her footing back. By then Yuffie was by the door and opening it while saying, “Welcome to Hollow Bastion

Restoration Committee HQ and Merlin’s house. This guy at the computer is Cid. Yo! Cid turn around and meet Maka and Soul you old coot.”

“Who you calling an old coot Yuffie,” said Cid as he turned around in his chair as Maka, Soul and the others walked in. “So you two are with them as well.”

“Cid why did you say that when you saw everything on the screen,” Aerith asked walking over to Cid.

“After you left the screen went black. Like it is right now,” Cid said with a wave at the big computer screen behind him.

“OK, now back to what I asked you two before Yuffie had us come here,” Aerith said looking at them.

“To the first part no we are not a part of that group and the answer to the other question is Death Weapon Meister Academy,” Maka replied looking around the house. It was split down the middle with bookshelves; with Cid on the left side of the bookshelves while the other side looked like someone practiced magic. “Um this Merlin you were talking about, he's a wizard right?”

“That would be correct miss,” replied a voice followed by a poof of smoke. When the smoke cleared an old man wearing a blue hat and robe stood on the side with the magic stuff. “I’m Merlin the wizard and it looks like someone has messed with the connection between you kids. If you want I can fix it?”

“Sure, we were wondering why out soul resonance and my soul perception wasn’t working.” Maka replied.

Merlin starts to waves his magic wand around and said some words in a langue she doesn’t know. A few minutes later he points his wand at them and a white beam shoots outs and explodes between them. “There that should let you use what you just said at any time you like. Is there anything we can help you with?”

Before Maka answered she felt the presence of seven very powerful souls, six of which were in the same room as them. The seventh one wasn’t a match to any of her friends.

“Thanks Merlin. We're looking for our friends. They will have the same logo as me and Soul on their shoulder," she said turning so they can see the logo of a skull. They all responded that no, they didn’t see anyone with that logo. The door opened and a voice called out:

“I saw someone with that logo but I can’t be certain it’s a boy or a girl. He or she wears a black robe and has pink hair," said a female voice.

“That’s our friend Crona. Did she ask you anything?” Maka said looking over to see a girl with long black hair and dressed in all black.

“Yes, the same thing you just asked. I told her to go to Traverse Town and try the hotel there. That's were most of the people who lost their world ends up. I’m Tifa by the way Maka,” she said while Maka and Soul were shocked that she knew her name.

“I say you are wondering how I know your name. That's simple. I was on my way back from the castle when I saw the heartless. I was about to attack them when I saw someone in a back cloak, he was watching the fighting going on between you guys and the heartless. At the end of the battle Cloud showed up followed by Aerith and I think you introduced yourself. That’s when the guy said, 'So her name is Maka not Xamak, if anyone see her they are to kill her on the spot.' That’s all he said before disappearing.”

Maka was shocked at hearing this.

“We have to go and find our friend. Farewell,” she said but before she and Soul could move a step Aerith said, “Take these membership cards and see you again.”

Soul took the card and followed Maka out of the house. As Soul closed the door Maka started running towards where they showed up in this world.

“Maka slowdown will you. What's the rush?” Soul asked as he ran after her.

“I just want to get to Traverse Town and see if she or the others are there to,” is all Maka said as she kept on running. As they got close to where their ship is she finally slowed down and walked up the ramp to the door of the ship. She walked through the doorway just as Soul caught up to her. As Soul crossed through the doorway and closed the door she said, “Take us to Traverse Town as fast as you can.”

The ship took off very fast causing them tumble backwards into a door that goes into a corridor that holds the bedrooms and other rooms. They couldn’t move until the ship slowed down before stopping and saying, “We are at Traverse Town watch your step.”

They pushed off from the wall and walked over to the door they came in. Maka opened the door and Soul followed behind and closing it. They noticed the rain falling down on them but didn’t care if they got wet or not because all they cared about is finding their friends.

“Where do you think the hotel is because I don’t see anything with that on a sign?” Maka asked, but all Soul did was shake his head.

“If you are looking for the hotel it’s in the second district behind the accessory shop right in front of you," said a boy's voice to their left standing under an awning.

“Thanks," is all Maka said as she and Soul took off running towards the accessory shop. They turned to the right, then left and another left before coming to stand in front of a door.

“So the second district is behind this door and maybe Crona and the others too.”

As she and Soul pushed the door open they saw the hotel sign to their left. They didn’t run but walked because they didn’t want to scare anyone inside if they burst through the door. As they got to the door she had a feeling that whoever is on the other side is not going to like what they see.

Soul opened the door and Maka followed behind him. She was the first of them to the reception desk but Soul was the one to see the group of people on the other side of the room.

“Um, excuse me, do you have anyone here with this logo on their shoulder?” Maka asked turning her shoulder to the receptionist behind the desk. The receptionist looked up at her and seeing the skull that looked back at her she nodded her head.

“Yes, there were a group of people here with that same logo but they left two days ago. They left behind a letter to someone named Maka and Soul. That wouldn’t happen to be you two?” the lady asked. When they both nodded she moved some paper around her desk until she found it under a folder. “Here you two go," she said handing it to them.

Maka open the letter which read:

Dear Maka and Soul,

If you are reading this then we haven’t ran into each other before we left. We might have found out where this group of people in black cloaks are, and we're going after them. Please do not follow us.

From Kid, Black Star, Crona, Ragnarok, Liz, Patty and tsubaki.

P.S. if you do come after us make sure you find some friends who want them as gone as we do.

“Who the hell do they think they are telling us not to follow them? Its suicidal going there alone,” Maka said loudly as she turned to Soul.
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