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Default Re: Digimon: The Reckoning

Sweet! If you don't mind me asking, how long should my paragraphs be?

Name: Eric
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Role (what side you're on): True DigiDestined
Description (at least one paragraph): Eric is about 5'8" Caucasian, with dark brown hair, greenish eyes, and a somewhat heavy figure. He usually has his hair spiked up. He usually wears a red T-shirt, with nothing special on it. He also sports long khaki pants, and black sneakers. If you were to see him without a shirt on, which you wouldn't see much of, you'd noticed a series of very small scars on his back. It is unknown where these scars came from.
Personality (at least two paragraphs): Eric has a great, but odd sense of humor. He usually is calm and collected, but that doesn't mean that he's slow to anger. In fact, he's probably the last guy you want to see get PO'ed. However, when he's in a really good mood, he is happy and hyper. He has an IQ that is borderline on genius. He is typically brave, but only when he needs to be. He has a strong sense of justice and friendship. Don't hurt his allies, or else he will likely retaliate. Just don't upset him, he has enough trouble as it is. His history should explain this.
History (at least two paragraphs): Eric's life, as of late, was a bit tragic. He recently lost his parents in a freak accident that claimed both of their lives. He had no choice but to live with his African-American girlfriend Kiki and her family. Eric's parents were from Russia, but moved to New York City halfway through the pregnancy. His IQ helped him blow through grades one through twelve. He is fluent in Japanese, and also graduated from Harvard at the age of seventeen with a degree in computer science. He discovered two Digi-Eggs after the death of his parents. They hatched into Sunmon and Moonmon, who claim Kiki is their Mom and Eric is their Dad. They brought meaning to Eric's life when just about all hope was lost. He plans on marrying Kiki, who helped with raising the Twins, someday. Apparently, Eric has reason to believe that Sunmon and Moonmon are reincarnated forms of his dead parents.
Additional Information: none
Digimon (can include information such as background, personality, ect):

EDIT: I kinda clumped the paragraphs together.

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