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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I'll go put your order in." Diana responded to Aiden with a smile after writing his order down, then retrieving the menu and walking away. He took a sip of his drink, his eyes wandering back to the group. They appeared more relaxed now, and were back to talking amongst themselves. He had expected a fight when two of them had stood up, but one of the bartenders had broken them up, and then the one who had started it separated himself from the group. That was no fun at all…

Back at the table, the twins looked over to Ashley when hearing her laugh, following her gaze to Abigail and Scarlet, who were making a mess with the ketchup.

"What are you guys doing?" Ashley giggled, and the twins couldn’t help but laugh as well when seeing the ketchup on the toddlers’ faces.

"We're finger-painting with the ketchup while we eat." Scarlet laughed.

"You guys are so silly." Kotomi’s voice came from the bar, and a few moments later she knelt down beside the two toddlers.

"You can be a clown, Auntie Kotomi." Abigail said, putting some ketchup on her finger and dabbing it on Kotomi's nose, and the twins laughed again along with their sister.

"And where's my clown nose? I'm jealous." Damon knelt down beside Kotomi.

"Here you go Uncle Damon." Abigail said, putting some ketchup on his nose as well.

"You guys are silly." Caroline said with a giggle. Damon and Kotomi smiled, standing up and returning to the bar as Ashley merely shook her head playfully.

"Do you guys want to go to the park after this so Abigail and Scarlet can run around?" Kotomi asked as she looked over to Ashley and Ichiru.

"Yeah that's a good idea." Ashley responded, and Ichiru nodded along with her as the two toddlers smiled with excitement.

"We have to take them to the lake too if the weather gets warmer so we can teach them how to swim." Damon added.

"You guys are welcomed to join us if you want to." Lexi said as she looked at Kol, Rebekah and Finn.

"That would be great." Kol answered with a smile. The group fell silent then, and the twins began eating again, although Kiseki paused when he caught Diana storming away from the bar into the kitchen.

Ichiru noticed Kiseki looking over to the bar, following his brother’s gaze and seeing Diana returning with Aiden’s order, although before she took the order to him, she walked over to Kol.

"Here." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, then handing it to Kol. "Here's my number. Use it."

"Believe me, I will." Kol replied with a smirk as the young Witch walked away. Ichiru and Kiseki looked at each other, both of them knowing that something must have gone wrong with Diana and Damon.

"Here you go. Is there anything else I can get you?"

Aiden gave the Witch a smile in response, easily sensing the anger coming off of her.

“I‘m fine for now, thank you.” He responded, although his attention didn’t stay on the brunette for long as Damon stood up and stormed out of the restaurant, followed shortly after by Kotomi.

"Should we go follow her?" Ashley asked in concern.

"No." Stefan responded with a shake of his head. "She's always the one who seems to calm him down the quickest besides Kiseki."

Kiseki looked down at the table quietly. Normally he would have gone after Damon as well, but he figured that he didn’t want too many people around him while he was upset, and Kotomi had already gone. He knew exactly why Damon was upset, and he wanted to talk to him about it, but he also didn’t want to make the situation worse, so he would wait.

The dark haired teen felt something cold on his hand, bringing him to look up to see that Abigail had drawn a smiley face on his hand with ketchup when she saw him looking upset. Ichiru looked up at his twin, noticing this as well and gave a chuckle.

“Sadness isn’t allowed with these two around.” He said as Kiseki smiled in response to Abigail, getting some of the ketchup from his hand on his finger and putting a dab on Abigail’s nose like she had done to Kotomi and Damon. “I’m sure Damon will be alright. Kotomi and Kiseki both seem to have a talent for calming him down.”
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