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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 22 is Up!]

A/N: Haha! "Poontang" isn't on PE2K's censored word list!

Chapter 23: Rebirth of a Heroine
“I had thought all hope was lost until I found Amy again. Now it’s only a matter of getting her to remember me.”
-Private Journal of Mike Anone
Blackthorn City, Johto

“It looks like you took quite a beating there,” Dr. Yung said to Mike, awakening from a week-long coma. Several of his teeth had to be surgically replaced and his face was still swollen from Frank Bueller’s assault. “But at least you’ve found two of our three Combins.”

“Pete is still out there,” Bueller said to Yung. He was dressed in a sweaty sleeveless tee and sweatpants. He had just finished working on his new Combin powers. Unlike when Shairii first became a Combin, neither Bueller nor Amy had any non-human parts attached to them. Both looked completely human. It puzzled Yung, whom had looked over Shairii’s diaries from her early days as a Combin.

Shairii approached the group, a towel wrapped around her neck and a bottle of water in hand. After the news had reached Hiigarus that Bueller and Amy had been found, Celebi had teleported her to the Homeworld so she could begin training Bueller and working on recovering Amy’s memory. “You’re doing well, Frank. A few more weeks of training and you’ll be ready to face Diabora.”

“Scary thought,” he replied, a flash of worry streaking across his face.

“My everything hurts,” Mike complained.

“Bro, I’m sorry,” Bueller said to him. “Seriously, I am. I didn’t know.”

“I understand,” Mike said. “Hmm… my teeth feel weird.”

“They’re fakes,” Yung told him.

“Joyous,” Mike retorted. “Where’s Amy? Has she recovered yet?”

“Around here somewhere. She’s still as amniotic as she was when Frank kicked the crap out of you,” Shairii informed Mike. Mike rose from the bed and went into his quarters. The sounds of his drawers opening and closing rapidly could be heard from inside.

“Frank, you and I should go look for Pete,” Shairii said to Frank. Frank nodded. The two of them merged with the spirits of fallen Dragonite and left the building via the sliding glass doors to the patio. Mike returned to Dr. Yung’s living room dressed in a full suit, red tie, and carrying a bouquet of roses.

“I’m going to take Amy on a date. I can’t think of anything better to rekindle her memory,” he announced.

“Mike, you look like Marv from Sin City,” Yung replied. “How the devil… or Necros… or whatever the hell evil deity reigns in hell right now do you plan on wooing her?”

“It is Necros,” Mike said. “And with my Anone wit and charm. Also sex. Lots and lots of good sex.”

“With that face, you’ll be lucky if she’ll even shake your hand,” Yung said.

“The power of love will prevail!” Mike said, running towards Amy’s room.

Hiigaran Revolutionary Force Headquarters, Abandoned Sewer Resevoir Below Kushius

“This is what you wanted,” Kaskera said to Diabora. He handed him a disk and what looked like a small backpack. Diabora examined the backpack carefully and then instructed Kaskera to insert the disk into a nearby computer. He scanned over the information carefully, attempting to understand the secrets of the shield generator. Diabora has no formal engineering experience, however, he could tell from the data how much of it was overlapping with his data from the DIAMOND/PEARL shield project and how much would be useful.

“We lost a lot of good men to retrieve that data for you, Diabora,” Kazius informed him. “It’s time for you to hold up your end of the bargain.”

Diabora raised one monstrous claw and said, <Not until you give me what I need. You have the data on the DIAMOND/PEARL shields. Make me a shield like no other and I shall destroy your enemies.>

“And you shall have your shield,” Kazius assured him. He took the disc from inside the computer and the backpack, intent on handing them off to his engineering division. Suddenly, the room began to shake. The entrance to the hide out blew open, as the room filled with fire. Several Hiigaran soldiers wielding flamethrowers entered the secret base. Diabora annihilated them with lightning. More soldiers filed into the room, followed by Neo Winterfield.

When Winterfield saw Diabora with the revolutionaries, his eyes widened in shock. “What the hell?” he shouted. He cursed under his breath, as there was not enough room to transform into Qinglong in the small base. He grabbed his gun and started shooting at the revolutionaries. Kazius and Kaskera had already flipped furniture over, returning plasma fire at the soldiers.

“rust, you’re not going to believe this,” Neo said into his radio as he returned fire. “Diabora is working with the revolutionaries.”

“Lovely,” rust replied back over the radio. “I really dislike him right now.”

“This is new?” Neo retorted, throwing a plasma grenade at the overturned couch. The couch melted, revealing Kazius and Kaskera. Neo fired at the pair of revolutionaries and struck Kaskera right in the heart with a plasma round. His torso melted under the high energy liquid, leaving his head and extremities behind. Diabora and Kazius had already escaped the room by the time he reloaded.

The Hiigarans silently looked at each other and gestured toward the exit to the room. They were now locked in a game of cat and mouse.

Blackthorn City, Johto

The sun was setting in Johto as Mike brought Amy out to the most expensive restaurant in Blackthorn. A patio seat on the roof has been specially arranged for the two of them, complete with candles, romantic music, and marble busts of Cupid. At the center of the table was an ice bust of a swan.

The two of them sat down at the table and ordered their appetizers. “I’m very flattered by all of the arrangements, but are you sure I am who you say I am?” Amy asked Mike.

“Of course,” Mike said; his face hurting from speaking. “You’re Amy Anone. I love you, you just need to remember.”

“That’s a rather strong approach,” Amy replied. She smiled weakly and began to nibble at her appetizer. Mike reached out and lightly brushed his hand across hers.

“Is everything to your liking?” he asked, staring deeply into her eyes.

“Yes, of course it is. You really do care,” she said. Two waiters came up and began to serve the main course of the main course of the meal. After they set the plates down, they began to descend the stairs back to the restaurant when Mike heard one of them mention that he should be off fighting Diabora.

“What did you say?” Mike said angrily, slowly turning his head.

“I said you should be off fighting that monster in space instead of getting teenaged poontang.”

Mike leapt from his seat and punched the waiter in the face. The other one fled the scene. The attacked waiter got up and began to punch at Mike’s face, tearing open his wounds. As the two fought, they slowly approached the table. Amy began to scream. Mike grabbed the swan sculpture from the table and whacked the waiter across the head with it, knocking him out.

“Mike? Mike? What the hell? This isn’t like you!” Amy exclaimed.

“Huh?” he said, turning his head to look into her eyes. Amy ran up and kissed Mike. They remained in a liplock for a few minutes. “You remember?”

“Everything. I love you, Mike,” she said. They began to kiss again.

The injured waiter began to stir at their feet. Mike looked down at him and said, “Check please.”
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