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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Is Back]

The Story So Far

Diabora is an ancient creature that was created by Alvaj-Xoc, using power borrowed from Ketsuban, the Poke-God, in order to stop the forces of Khorne. After easily decimating his forces, Diabora proved to be too powerful to remain active, so Alvaj-Xoc removed his power and sealed him within the crust of the Homeworld. After Kent Tousaka destroyed the crust of the Homeworld and assembled the false planet Sekai out of it, Diabora's depowered form, Infera, roamed free, devouring Sekai.

As a decades long conflict between Neo Winterfield and rust Makuta, two generals on two deadlocked warring factions, comes to a head Infera reveals himself and consumes the Crystals of Power, returning him to his original form. Thus begins the Diabora Wars.

Neo and rust forged an alliance between their two factions, Team Trainer and Team Aqua, in order to take down the greater threat. The two general were able to track down the three legendary dogs, and return their spirits to their original form, the Legendary Spirit Bai-Hu.

Meanwhile, Finch, rust's Lieutenant, and a cadre of other Aqua soldiers went to the oceans of Kazmar searching for the Ring of Alvaj-Xoc, an item that could be used to severely depower Diabora. After fighting countless Mermen, Reg Lando, a future version of Finch, found the Ring and become the newest Celestial Custodian, Diasirenda. Using his powers, he was able to cut Diabora off from his access to Oblivion. The net result was that Diabora no longer could conjure his void shields.

To seal Diabora again, Shairii planned to create three new Combins. The three worthy individuals selected were Frank Bueller, Peter Jennings, and Mike Anone's wife, Amy. After the three completed their suicide pact in order to return as Combins, Mike learned of Amy's death and lashed out at rust Makuta, blaming him.

The three returned to the Homeworld not remembering a single detail of their past lives. Amy met Frank and the two began dating. While working at her job in a supermarket, Mike is reunited with his wife, who no longer remembers him. After a brief, but brutal fight with Frank Bueller, Mike is able to return Bueller's memory to him and bring the two of them back to Dr. Yung's lab in Blackthorn.

Neo and rust depart Earth in the Spacewing in order to respond to a distress call made by a Hiigaran ship commanded by Thaddeus Bach. Bach's ship, which had been attached by Diabora, was an elaborate trap to kill rust and Neo, however, the two of them escaped with a grudging respect for each other. Silver Etherlight, chief engineer of Team Rocket, was not as lucky. Stranded on the jungle planet of Calmencia, he was recruited by the mysterious faction called Valhalla Genesis.

Neo and rust arrive on Hiigarus and meet their leader, Cyrano Kayzar. Kayzar, who is not bothered by Diabora, gives rust free reign to prove himself to the Hiigarans by pitting him against the Hiigaran Revolutionary Front. Little does he know that the HRF and Diabora have struck a deal: if they can create him a working shield, Diabora will destroy Hiigarus...
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