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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Pokemon You're Evolving: Spearow
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Fearow
Evolution Point Requirement:20
Points On-Hand:138 (including this one)
Points After Evolution:118
Link to stats:

Pokemon You're Evolving:Ekans
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Arbok
Evolution Point Requirement:22
Points On-Hand: 118
Points After Evolution:96
Link to stats:

Pokemon You're Evolving:Abra
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Kadadra
Evolution Point Requirement:16
Points On-Hand:96
Points After Evolution:80
Link to stats:

Pokemon You're Evolving: Oddish
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Gloom
Evolution Point Requirement:21
Points On-Hand:80
Points After Evolution:59
Link to stats:

Pokemon You're Evolving: Nidoran
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Niorina
Evolution Point Requirement:16
Points On-Hand:59
Points After Evolution:43
Link to stats:


okemon using: Raticate
Pokemon trying to catch: Spearow
Point Number: 43
Point requirement: 7
Points After:36
Link to stats

Massive updates over!

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GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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