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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Hokai, here goes. Looking forwards to being on an RP-oriented team this time ^^

Character Name: Shaveh Teink

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Team: Park Lords

Occupation: Travelling PokeDex-filler / Lab Assistant for Professor Elm

Appearance: Shaveh is just under 185 centimeters in height, not including his hair, which is blonde and curly and tends to add another good 10 centimeters or so to the total. He doesn't like his hair, but it is unruly and un-tameable short of using half a bottle of hair gel. His facial hair is blonde as well, if you can call it "facial hair" - he has a carefully cultivated dusting of stubble across the outer edges of his cheeks and under his chin. He is of the belief that this arrangement draws attention away from his pointy chin and towards his blue eyes, his favourite feature.

Shaveh weighs 80 kilograms, but most of that is muscle. Not traditional external muscle, but rather the wiry kind that results from an incredibly active lifestyle. His legs in particular are very strong as a result of his favourite pastimes. He has multiple scars ranging from miniscule to medium-sized over his body but mostly on his arms and hands. Most of these he got from the machines he used to work with on his parents' farm during his childhood, although a few have been obtained during his more recent adventures, including a Sharpedo bite on his rear end that he gladly shows off to anyone who asks.

As Shaveh spends a lot of time in the field, he wears a long-sleeve shirt and padded pants. A pair of protective reflective sunglasses are usually nested in his hair, but in hazardous conditions Shaveh is quick to shield his eyes. Shaveh's shirt has a green-and-gray camouflage pattern, but his pants are a simple shade of light brown. They also have many pockets, but Shaveh usually prefers to store items in his backpack, which is a large hiker's model. This backpack is padded as well, because it tends to get thrown around a lot.

Personality: Shaveh has what he calls "a lethal allergy to boredom". Despite being a Pokemon Trainer and a PokeDex filler, Shaveh has never had any interest in taking the Gym Challenge. He figures that anything that's been regularized and weighed down by limitations can't possibly be fun. Likewise, he doesn't bother catching any common Pokemon like Watchog or Spearow - Shaveh prefers to travel out into the wilderness and to hard-to-reach locations and capture the Pokemon he finds there. Oftentimes he likes the dangerous wilderness so much that he stays there to train and Elm needs to send a Fearow to find him and bring him back.

Shaveh's most salient feature aside from his love of exploration is his curiosity. His goal in life is to scan every Pokemon in existence with his PokeDex - including all of the Legendary Pokemon. He figures that these powerful creatures would have to be in out-of-the-way places, which is the other reason he loves to visit exotic places. Shaveh also loves visiting other regions, but aside from Johto he's only been to Unova on an errand for Professor Elm. It's this curiosity that keeps him moving forwards when he encounters failure, which isn't uncommon considering the kind of Pokemon he tries to find.

The Pokemon he captures are Shaveh's only real friends, aside from Professor Elm, so he does his best to raise and train them. All of his Pokemon have been trained in extreme climates using unorthodox techniques, which had resulted in an unusual battling style. Unlike many other trainers, Shaveh trains alongside his Pokemon - he climbs cliffs, runs endurance-style and works to better himself in general. This bestows upon him a never-say-die attitude, although said attitude isn't necessarily positive. It also means that he's determined and head-strong to the point of attempting impossible tasks. His time alone has also given him the opinion that relationships with humans are mostly meaningless. Aside from his loyalty to Professor Elm and respect for his widower father, he doesn't have any positive or negative opinions of any other people. When he encounters them, he treats them with a polite yet aloof attitude. This more-so than anything else is what causes him to have trouble making friends with people.

History: After becoming ten years of age and obtaining his first Pokemon, Shaveh opted to stay in New Bark Town with Professot Elm and help out in his lab. Shaveh slowly tired of the easy lifestyle, and shortly after his thirteenth birthday Elm shoved a PokeDex into his hand and told him to get moving. He was reluctant to leave his family, but his mother had been diagnosed with an illness she refused to reveal. Her only request was that Shaveh not be there when she finally passed on. Never one to refuse his mother anything, Shaveh left home and headed straifght for Mount Silver, despite the warnings of everyone he encountered. Over the years Shaveh has been to many strange and out-of-the-way places, rarely returning home to visit his father, who now works as an electrician in Cherrygrove City having sold the family farm.

Most of the places Shaveh has visited he will never be able to visit again, simply because he doesn't know where they are. The only journey he's ever gone on that other Trainers could relate to was when he traveled to Unova on an errand for Professor Elm. He took a prototype PokeDex upgrade to Professor Juniper, but traded his plane ticket home for an all-you-can-eat lunch. He wandered Unova for a year and a half, training and battling before finally chartering passage home on a fishing boat.

The last couple years of his life has been when Legendary Fever has really gripped him. On a trip to Cianwood City, Shaveh caught a glimpse of a Lugia and was immediately entraced by its beauty. Ever since then Shaveh has been almost obsessed with training his Pokemon so they have the power necessary to locate and maybe even battle a Legendary Pokemon. Shaveh's primary goal is to fill his PokeDex, but he'd love to try and capture one of the mystical beings. He knows it can be done because of the stories his father and mother told him when he was a child. Just prior to the fusion event Shaveh was training in Mount Mortar - in fact, he was camping out in the deepest reaches of the caves. The cavern system is so deep and complex that after the cataclysmic event and subsequent cave-ins it took Shaveh a whole week to find his way out. Ever since then he's been trying to find his way back to Cherrygrove City to check on his father, avoiding the well-traveled Routes as they are now populated almost exclusively by Robotnik's minions.

Pokemon Team:

Saki the Meganium. Saki was Shaveh's first Pokemon, given to him by Professor Elm. She is gentle and kind, and the very last of Shaveh's Pokemon to evolve. Her nature doesn't suit battling, but she's a perfect nurse and support Pokemon. Truth be told, Shaveh coddles her a little bit, but just like him Saki is the first one out to train and the last one to turn in for the night. When she needs to battle, Saki fights defensively - she summons sunshine to feed off of and duplicates herself with her perfected Double Team technique. Direct attacks aren't her thing, but when power is required she wields the mighty Solarbeam to devastate her enemies.

Juggernaut the Gallade. Juggernaut was the first Pokemon Shaveh ever caught. He encountered Juggernaut as a Kirlia in the far north-east of Johto, and assisted the Pokemon in his search for a Dawn Stone. After evolving into a Gallade, Juggernaut decided to stick around to train with the human, and one day after a savage fist-fight the Gallade simply decided that Shaveh belonged to him. In battle Juggernaut is rash and uncompromising, but he has the strength to back this up. Juggernaut prefers to fight hard and fast, using his blades, hands, and feet as deadly weapons. He also has a surprisingly good grip on electricity-based techniques, including but not limited to Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave.

Vishi the Braviary. Shaveh caught Vishi as a Rufflet in the north of Unova, just outside their equivalent of Victory Road. Vishi wasn't too pleased about being captured, and for a while Shaveh feared that he wouldn't be able to tame the bird's unbridled savagery. With time, Vishi learned to respect the human that captured him, and upon evolving the Pokemon decided to save his rage for anyone who caused trouble for his master. The Braviary is Shaveh's primary mode of transportation, but he's also incredibly dangerous in battle - Vishi's rage draws out immense inner power that he utilizes to destroy his foes from the sky.

Koma the Bisharp. Koma is easily the calmest Pokemon on Shaveh's team. When he was only a Pawniard he managed to defeat both Juggernaut and Vishi in single combat. Despite these victories, he was unable to land a single strike on Saki due to her evasive techniques. Ever since evolving, Koma has become arguably the most powerful Pokemon on Shaveh's team - his stoic attitude and sheer speed are a force to be reckoned with. His most powerful technique is the Metal Burst - the more damage Koma takes, the more power this intense blast becomes.

Weapons: Shaveh has no traditional weapons, although he has been known to use his heavy backpack as a form of improvised cudgel. He has basic firearms knowledge from his time spent on the farm, but doesn't like the idea of carrying them around - he feels that bearing weapons is literally asking for trouble. Shaveh has no formal martial-arts training but his quick reflexes and wiry strength means that he can hold his own in a fight.

Special Powers: Shaveh himself has no special powers, but Juggernaut can use his telepathic abilities to create a communication network between himself, his Trainer, and the other three Pokemon. This only manifests when Juggernaut is outside of his PokeBall, though.

Equipment: Shaveh's backpack contains everything that one requires to live in the wilderness for a period of up to three months, assuming there are renewable food and water sources, including: a sleeping bag; insect repellant; a limited number of canned foods; telescoping torch; and a small fishing rod. He carries a few spare PokeBalls in-case he comes across a rare Pokemon he wants to catch, but he carries no Pokemon medicines - with Saki acting as a team medic, he figures he doesn't need any.

Other: Bunbun, or something.
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