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Default Re: When did you get your first shiny ?

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
you got a shiny in the safari zone ?? nice catch !
Yeah. Almost didn't get the Nidoran though, it escaped the first safariball, but for some miraculous reason it didn't run away. And to think all I was looking for was a Chansey, which I didn't get during that safari session. =P

It's why I'm not too comfortable with running around in the safari zone, because for most of them you only have one try, if it fails you get to see them run off. I have never fainted a shiny pokemon though, not that I can remember, though I haven't played Gold in ages. I'm pretty sure I don't have any other shinies than the Gyarados on there though. I'm too afraid my internal battery has run out to even start it and check, don't want a complete pokedex to go down the drain. =P

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