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Default Re: When did you get your first shiny ?

Aside from the Red Gyarados in Gold, I can't remember getting any other's in that generation. I do have a couple from gen 3 though.
Wingull and Doduo from sapphire, the Doduo caught in the Safari Zone. I almost freaked right before the pokeball stopped, not sure if it was gonna open or stay closed. =P
Next one was an Illumise from Emerald.
And the last I've caught on my own is a Shiny Nidoran M from FireRed, that one too in the safari zone. My brother was running around for me looking for something(Chansey I think), and suddenly it appeared.

Other than those I've got a copy of my brother's shiny Aron, and my friends Shiny Spinda and Crobat.

Yet to find any in gen 4/5, though I've just beaten the E4 once on Pearl(can you believe that I beat Cynthia with one pokemon at lv50 and the rest 48/49?), and just arrived in Castelia on Black, so there's plenty of time to change that. =P

Random Sprite Art, all done by me. That includes the animated Shaymin I use as an avatar.
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