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Default Re: Get to Know Your Fellow Members!

1. When did you join the forum?
My first account was near my birthday; I believe May of 2007?
2. Which board(s) do you frequent most?
I'm an active URPG'r, I love to RP, and I love the Chat board. You see the true colors of PE2K here bahaha.
3. What do you like about that/those board(s)?
Well, I like to RP and write, so there goes the first two. And I'm a social/sociable person, so talking to people on the Chat board comes quite natural.
4. What was the first Pokémon game that you played?
DUDE. I got Red when I was 5. <3 I love that game, I wish I still had it...
5. What was your favorite Pokémon at that time?
I was obsessed with Charizard. I saw that little Charmander when you got to pick your Pokemon and I was like, "FFFFF- Mine. <3"
6. What was your least favorite at that time?
I hated Zubats. I swear. Walking through Dark Cave was such a horrible experience...
7. What is your favorite Pokémon now?
Umbreon. Once G/S came out and I saw him, I was completely enticed.
8. What is your least favorite Pokémon now?
I don't really have a least favorite. Although when I was playing Pokemon Ruby yesterday, I realized how much I disliked Shroomish because the MF'r completely destroyed my Ninjask.
9. Favorite type?
Dark, by far. Sooo many uses.
10. Least favorite type?
Hmm... Poison. Meant to be nuisances, they were.
11. Do/did you watch the anime?
I did when I was younger, all the time. I think I still have some VHS tapes of a few episodes and the Pokemon 2000 movie. Aside from that, I lost interest after the Pokemon R/S-based episodes.
12. Who is your favorite character?
I dunno. I liked that guy from the Pokemon Chronicles series. I can't remember his name.
13. Favorite crime organization?
Rocket, all the way. Paving the way for bad-ass Pokemon gangs since 1995.
14. How often do you visit the forum?
As of recent, I came back from a long hiatus. But I'm trying to stay active.
15. What country do you live in?
16. If you could be any one Pokémon, which would you be and why?
Probably Umbreon, because he's my favorite haha. That and he's cool, edgy, dark, and sleek. He just radiates bad-ass.
17. What is your favorite animal, and why?
I love ferrets. Those little critters are some of the coolest rodents ever.
18. What are some of your life goals?
Keep living. I don't really concern myself with too much at one time haha. But I really just want to keep happy and live a good life.
19. Are you getting tired of these questions yet?
Nah, I'd like more honestly. ;D
20. Finally, who is your favorite sprite art mod with the initials CC? *cough cough*
... Me.

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