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Default Re: Digimon: The Reckoning


Sabi wants a reserve. Sabi is reserving the following Digimon:

Name: Sable Kael
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Role: Lone Wolf [She's working on her own problems]
Description: Sable wears a grey vest over a navy blue shirt and black slacks drape over her long legs. Standing at 5'9 she has light brown hair often tied back in some way and wears a trench hat over her head, sometimes hiding her greyish green eyes in the brim's shadow.She often carries a grey and green backpack full of all kinds of things, usualy a pair of grind skates or even a collapsable scooter. Most times she's seen on her skates, pulling off tricks and moving about the streets like the free spirit she is. Being slightly irresponsible she doesn't wear a helmet but is sometimes wearing shades to cover her eyes, unless around friends.
Personality: Sable was the victim of an odd sickness...also a severe case of skitzofrenia. Because of this, locked away in her brain is a much more evil side of her that likes to torment the living hell out of everything, and on a literal level at that. However those times of evil plotting seem far behind a person who is enthusiastic, a bit fliracious and somewhat of a klutz, more so around people she is very fond of. Sable tries to help out as best she can to the best of her ability, though with her failures, she can often be down on herself. Sable keeps her problems to herself and tries to keep others out of them for their own safety, and the fact that if she caused a problem, she needs to fix it and only she needs to fix it. She's rather expressive and sometimes speaks her mind when it isn't appropriate. At times, certain things trigger her darker side, where she becomes entirely serious and very blunt and brutal. Luckily it comes in stages and there are certain things that can bring Sable back from the doom gloom and despair. For anyone who knows Sable, friends and reminders of optimism are one way to pick up her mood. Being a loving person, she loves to give and recieve hugs on a regular basis. This also brings out her better side, rather than dealing with a pessimistic, evil thinking, cold hearted, quick to insult and walk all over you, decietful hag. However, if she ever turns to her darker side for a good reason, or a personal reason, or to save someone else, she is far harder to break sense into. Due to her dramatic change in personality, Sable rarely remembers anything from her good self when evil, or her evil self when good. The only thing seemingly present in both personalities is her like to nickname everyone. This started when she recieved her twin Dracomon, and named them such as to keep them apart. The only time her personalities are in harmony is when she acts very serious about a situation, in an unusually calm and almost regal manner.

History: Sable for the most part of her life, lived as the odd one out and hardly hd it easy in elementary school. Her parents took her to a doctor often, especially to help out with her self esteem issues. during her teenage years, it became more and more apparent that she was getting a severe personality disorder, and was hospitalized for it, even home schooled to keep her mind from being provoked by the cruelties of high school drama. However, there came a time where eventually Sable was found to be stable enough to return to public schooling, and when she did, all seemed fine for the first few weeks, her coming home and laughing about some kids that were making fun of her. Then, one day she came to school, and the resident bullies decided it was time to put the new girl in her place. Cornering her in the school yard during the end of the day, they attempted to give her a few good facilar bruises and vandalize her property in the process as they mocked her. Well they got one good punch in before Sable went dark on them and returned the favor without a second thought, claiming at how pathetic these bullies were for trying to gang up on her and out muscle her. The entire demeanour change caught them off guard and creeped all of them out, causing them to flee and not bother her further. However rumors started to spread where Sable was some sort of crazy mental case that did drugs or tortured people in the basement of her house like some vampiric goth. Her parents returned her to the hospital after that, and during a check up, she passed out for no particular reason, and didn't wake up. The odd coma was caused by something the doctor's couldn't pin point, and were forced to put her on a machine in order to keep her alive. The only thing on her person that she seemed to respond to was her headphones and portable music player, refusing from letting anyone from taking it off out of odd, unconcious reflex. What was really going on was Sable was being affected subliminally by a digital virus from a rogue Digimon, one that knew of her future tamer capabilities and wanted to use them for the use of evil. The computer hooked up to her brain and reading it's activity only promoted her evil personality to come out more and more inside her mind. However, after a month of a come, she suddenly awoke to the sound of a pair of voices, ones she had never heard before. Looking around she found herself surrounded by loved ones and happily welcomed back into the world of the living.

Once she was admitted out of the hospital, Sable returned to her room and computer, where she slept most of the night, listening to music on the satelite radio through her computer. Once the static hit her ears, she turned, looking to see if her computer was fritzing out. As she looked at it, she noticed that the computer was acting abnormally strange, assuming it had caught a virus. Sable found it oddly familiar, for reasons she wasn't sure of...and then it hit her. However by the time she figured out what it was, something pulled her away from the screen as something was about to jump out at her, something large and blue, throwing her to the floor and being attacked by whatever viral thing was trying to get her. Then, it was followed by another blue thing, identical to the first, saving the first blue thing from the virus and fending it off. After all ws said and done, Sable looked at two, identical dragon things with red horns and blue and white bodies. She got up, looking at the one who seemed disgruntled by being attacked by the virus, but seemed to be alright. She then ressumed wondering what these were, and was even more surprised when they turned into much smaller looking forms that now floated in the air. When they spoke to her, their voices were very familiar to her, almost as if she had heard them before. As the pair collapsed, Sable felt a need to help them, and took them onto her bunk bed and comforted them the remainder of the night.

The next morning, Sable fed them bits of her breakfast and tried to get some information out of them. One of them, in a more female voice, explained that they were Digimon, specifically heres, and that they had met before on the digital plane. Sable then remembered the voices she heard before she had awoken in the hospital, and was told the story of her infection. Worried and now scarred by the slowly returning memories of nightmares she had of a scary beast trying to trick her, and tormenting her all the while she slept. As she looked back for her music player, she only found it to be replaced by a Digi-vice, the tool uesd to evolve her now, two Digimon. Sable felt their presence ensuring, and gave them names; the one who had taken the brunt of the attack for her from the virus, Rift, and the other who tried to protect them, Signia. As time went on, the three of them grew up for the next few years, learning of Anarcomon's plot and looking to help any of those who needed it, however, with Sable's past, Rift was showing signs of feral outbursts, often going off in a digivolved form and causing havoc. Sable knew this was because of the virus that hit him so hard many years ago, and still looks for a way to stop it.
Additional Information: Sable is prone to personality swings under certain circumstances of which I will note within the header.

Signia, the Dracomon [Blue Line]
Dracomon -> Coredramon [Blue] -> Wingdramon -> Slayerdramon

Rift, the Dracomon [Green Line]
Dracomon -> Coredramon [Green] -> Groundramon -> Brakedramon
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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