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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

I feel so behind!!!

RP Perfect Fusion [war XI] SU form

Character name: Kraden Iodem

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Team: Team Obscurity

Occupation: Leader of Team Obscurity, IT Director for Celio’s Pokemon Storage Network.

Appearance: Kraden, 6 feet, 160 lbs, is into steampunk fasion. From the top down, Kraden usually wears a teal fedora with silver pinstripes and a solid silver band around the hat which is actually filled with sensors for his Porygon Co-operation Armor. Beneath the hat he has untidy, dirty-blond hair cut at about chin length. His hazel eyes are almost always in the shadows, only his strong nose and stubbly chin easily visible as they protrude from the shadows cast by the brim of his hat. He wears a Monacle, which is actually a Heads Up Display connected to his PCA, and a steampunk Earpiece for the same system.

He wears a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up beneath a teal and silver colored Klondike Vest and a black cravat. Beneath those he is actually in moderately good shape, though mostly as a boon of good genes and picky eating than because he does a great deal of exercise. He wears black slacks with silver pinstripes, and worn black leather boots. His teal belt is studded periodically with silver squares, which are more data points for his PCA. The buttons on his vest have sensory capacities as well, and the steampunk leather wristwatch he wears on his left hand is deceptively new technology.

Personality: Kraden is a staunch supporter of good. He is extremely curious however, to the point that he sometimes puts satisfying his curiosity as a higher priority than accomplishing good. He is aware of this weakness, and that is a big part of why he organized Team Obscurity. It allows him to focus on satisfying his curiosity and still keep things moving towards general good by bringing information to those who tend to act. He is kind, thorough, patient, and tedious. He acts quickly when he feels he understands, but has little sense of urgency without first having an established sense of immediacy.

If you cause a fight while he is around, he will consider it urgent and fight, putting his curiosity on hold. Often, however, unless there is some dramatic time constraint placed upon him, he will feel no desire to hurry. He would love nothing better than to spend his whole life investigating mysteries all day every day without regard to the results of his investigation.

The recent appearance of the Sonic world has given him a certain sense of urgency and excitement that has kept him moving consistently for the last 3 weeks. He is liable to forget to take care of himself when caught up in an investigation, and has been known to go several days before remembering to eat unless prompted to do so.

He tends to rely on anonymity and misdirection as opposed to stealth, as he’s never been very good at sneaking around anyways. He does, however, have some skill with slight of hand.

History: Kraden was born on Two Island. He didn’t stay long. He had a knack for technology that manifested itself at a very early age. His parents wanted to provide him with all the opportunities possible, so when he was three years old they sent him to live with his uncle Peter in Saffron City. Peter worked for Silph. It wasn’t long however before Kraden was contributing to all of Peters work, and Kraden was one of the lead minds behind the Porygon Project in his youth. After the Team Rocket fiasco, however, his parents decided it wasn’t safe for him in such a big city, so they brought him back to two island.

Kraden almost died when he got back to his parent’s home and discovered that the island network was isolated from the rest of the world. He set about discovering the wealthiest and most technologically inclined individual on the Sevii Islands: Celio. Kraden persuaded Celio that getting the Islands connected to the rest of the world, to both the Pokemon Box storage system as well as all other available networks, was absolutely feasible.

As soon as he managed to get the Sevii Islands connected to everyone else, he began investigating Team Rocket, and other organizations like them throughout the world. He set up an underground network of information gatherers in opposition to them that he called Team Obscurity. Members of his team were instrumental in putting a stop to Team Aqua, Team Magma, the Second Rocket takeover, Team Galactic, and even Team Plasma.

In his spare time, he has also done some very personalized branches of the Porygon Project. He has developed equipment to allow his Porygon to function almost as a second mind within his own body due to microelectronic devices he always wears as part of his clothing. This doesn’t really do much to his ability to fight, but his ability to defend, flee, and most importantly, to observe, have been greatly magnified through relying on his Porygon.

When the world merge occurred, Kraden immediately set Team Obscurity in motion. Everyone was being scoped out, being watched and discovered. He was fascinated by what he was able to observe through the arrival of Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg and the Anthropomorphics’s Central City. The technology that Dr. Eggman wielded fascinated Kraden, but also instantly pitted him against Robotnik’s empire. Initially he thought the Anthropomorphic people may be some advanced form of Pokemon, but their lifestyle and opposition to the atrocities of Dr. Robotnik quickly caused him to consider himself their ally.

After failing to discover any semblance of an organized society on Angel Island through remote communication during the first week following the merge, Kraden has been exploring Angel Island himself, setting up satellite receiver-boosters all over the island so that he can communicate with his network of Team Obscurity Operatives while he searched.

He has been on the island for the last two weeks, and has discovered the existence of the Chaos emeralds. He has sent copies of trace energy signals from the Master Emerald to everyone in the Team Obscurity network with instructions to report any discovery of similar energy signals as soon as possible. He feels as though he is barely tapping the surface of Angel Island, and believes that collecting the sources of the Chaos Energy traces he has found on the island may enable him to bring the island back to its obvious former glory.

Pokemon team: Porygon, Porygon 2, Porygon Z, Gardevior, Ditto, Haunter, Chatot, Musharna, Rotom, Zoroark.

Weapons: Kraden does not carry weapons. He recognizes that his gifts do not lie in the realm of combat and avoids confrontation. The only weapons he ever carries are his own personally developed miniature EMP grenades. Each the size and appearance of a standard dice, they have an effective radius of 5 feet, have enough charge for a pulse lasting 3 seconds, and each and require an internal switch activation by either a Psychic or a Porygon. They would have no debilitating effect on a regular biological life form.
Special powers: Kraden is gifted with limited telepathy and telekinesis. He can have 2 way communications only with other psychically gifted individuals, which in most cases tend to be Psychic Pokémon. He has extremely weak telekinetic abilities. They would be virtually useless if he used them for anything other than what he does, which is to remotely operate precision electronics, mostly his Porygon Co-operation Armor. He just doesn’t have enough power to do anything else of worth, except maybe fly a paper airplane all day. Maybe.

Equipment: His Porygon-cooperation armor, which is simply a series of microcomputer sensory arrays and data-output ports positioned strategically around his body allowing Kraden’s Porygon to observe things that Kraden might miss. Porygon are able to send several kinds of Pokemon Attacks through the data ports, such as Reflect or Zap-Cannon, which allow them to both attack for and defend Kraden in response to any incoming threats.
He is always connected to his Team Obscurity Network. He wears a device something like a steampunk version of a scouter off of Dragon ball Z. In two pieces, he has a steampunk earpiece for audio input/output, and for video, a miniature data heads-up display screen disguised as a monacle. He has several portable network receivers on his person that he can set up in minutes in order to constantly expand his network and stay informed all the time.

Other: He Likes Steampunk.

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