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Default Re: Get to Know Your Fellow Members!

1. When did you join the forum? April 2012
2. Which board(s) do you frequent most? Wi-Fi trading, URPG, and other chat
3. What do you like about that/those board(s)? Getting Pokemon, battling people, and general chat.
4. What was the first Pokémon game that you played? Blue
5. What was your favorite Pokémon at that time? Abra
6. What was your least favorite at that time? Pikachu
7. What is your favorite Pokémon now? Ralts
8. What is your least favorite Pokémon now? Piplup
9. Favorite type? Psychic
10. Least favorite type? I like them all
11. Do/did you watch the anime? Yes
12. Who is your favorite character? Gark Oak and James
13. Favorite crime organization? Team Rocket
14. How often do you visit the forum? Every day
15. What country do you live in? Canada
16. If you could be any one Pokémon, which would you be and why? Abra, so I can troll people with my teleportation
17. What is your favorite animal, and why? Axolotl; it looks like a cross between Wooper and Mudkip
18. What are some of your life goals? Finish college, finish my living Pokedex, go to Japan
19. Are you getting tired of these questions yet? Nope; I love answering questions
20. Finally, who is your favorite sprite art mod with the initials CC? *cough cough* ...GoldWhynaut...? (He's mah buddeh :3)

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