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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Ichiru and Kiseki noticed Damon looking at the rest of them as though he were asking if they had seen or heard something important, bringing them to look at him in question. Neither of them had heard the conversation between Diana and Mason, for Ichiru had been looking out the window absentmindedly and Kiseki had been listening to the conversation between the rest of the group.

Both twins froze as the two of them felt a powerful force sweep over them. Both of them instantly recognized it to be on the same energy level as an Original Vampire, but as far as they knew, there weren’t anymore around - even if they were alive. They glanced at each other, noticing Rebekah and her siblings doing the same, which meant that they had felt it, too. The rest of the group had gone quiet, which suggested that all of them had felt the force. No one said anything, but it was apparent that all of them were wondering where this force was coming from.

The twins’ attention then shifted to the front door of the restaurant, where a ginger haired male stepped inside. His hair was more of a fiery red rather than the normal color of a ginger, and his eyes - even from the distance the twins saw him from - appeared to be a piercing silver. This struck the two of them as odd, for they had never once seen someone with silver eyes - not even a Supernatural being.

He wore a black hoodie much like the red one that Kiseki usually wore, with flames emblazoned on its front, along with a pair of dark blue jeans. As he sat down a few tables away from the group, there was no doubt that he was the source of the power they sensed.

"Mommy, could Abigail and I play outside until our food comes here?" Scarlet asked sweetly, bringing Ichiru to look back over to the toddler. Kiseki noticed the same look from before return to Ichiru’s face, only this time it was a little worse and he honestly couldn’t blame him.

"I don't think that's a good ide-"

"I'll go take them outside for a few minutes." Kotomi cut Ashley off with an offer, bringing Ichiru to look at her warily. "I could use the fresh air anyways."

Normally neither Ichiru or Ashley would mind the girls going outside to play, but it was very clear what the reason was this time.

"Okay, just be sure to keep a close eye on them." Ashley finally responded as her eyes traveled back over to the new male, Kotomi’s gaze following hers.

"I will." Kotomi answered before she and the children stood up and left the restaurant. Ichiru gave a soft sigh, trying to shake off his uneasiness. If there was one thing he feared more than dying and leaving his children without their parents, it was losing them or anyone else in the group.

Aiden noticed the other group in the room go quiet shortly after he’d taken his seat, which brought him to take his gaze away from the window and look over to them. When he had entered, he remembered hearing them talking with each other, which had filled the silence of the otherwise empty restaurant, but now it was almost completely silent, aside from the noise coming from the kitchen.

He chuckled softly to himself when noticing that a few of them were looking his way. So they had noticed him already… This only proved his theory that they were the source of the power he was sensing. No normal human being could have sensed his presence without at least a sort of sixth sense or something along that line.

After a few moments, they started talking amongst themselves again, and Aiden saw one of the girls, who had long black hair and piercing sapphire eyes, rise to her feet along with two twin toddlers. They appeared to be heading outside, which took them right past his table. Aiden could easily tell that the toddlers were humans just from their scent as they walked by, which confused him. He could smell no humans amongst the group, which meant that their parents, if they were present, were Supernatural creatures. How would their offspring be human in that case?

He saw movement from the corner of his eye, turning his attention to the window, where the trio had gone over to a black Hopscotch board on the sidewalk. He noticed the older girl freeze for a moment when she realized they were right outside his window, which made him smirk. It was interesting how these other Supernatural beings were intimidated just by his presence. This could be a lot of fun after all…

However, when the girl glanced back at him, their eyes happened to meet, and this time Aiden was the one to freeze. What was this strange feeling?

He noticed one of the toddlers fall after he had shaken the feeling away and dismissed it, bringing the eldest of the three to quickly kneel down beside her. He saw thick, dark red blood begin to trickle down the toddler’s leg, the scent hitting him only seconds later. He quickly averted his gaze from the window, allowing his hair to hide his face as he tried to fight off the change in his eyes and the fangs that tried to pierce his gums. The scent of the toddler’s blood and his reaction to it proved that she was human, which was still a curious matter to him.

Back with the group, Ichiru and Kiseki caught the scent of Scarlet’s blood, looking at each other in alarm before Ichiru glanced at Ashley, the two of them rising from their seats simultaneously along with Damon. Kiseki started to go as well, but decided not to make a big scene out of it unless it was something serious, instead remaining where he was.

As they passed Aiden’s table, Ichiru glanced down at him, but the ginger had managed to get his face to change back quickly, merely looking up to meet the dark haired teen’s gaze silently. Ichiru’s expression darkened, but he didn’t say anything, simply following Ashley and Damon outside.

"What happened?" Ashley asked as she, Ichiru and Damon knelt down by Kotomi, Abigail and Scarlet.

"We were playing Hopscotch and Scarlet fell." Kotomi responded. Damon extended his hand towards the wound and healed it, beating Ichiru to the action as the dark haired teen sighed softly, relieved that it had only been a fall and not something more serious.

"I'll go get a wet cloth." Damon said, standing up and walking back inside. Ichiru glanced back toward the restaurant to see Aiden watching them, still wary of the red haired teen. Damon returned shortly after with the cloth, handing it to Ashley.

"Thanks." She said as she took the cloth, wiping away the blood. "Are you okay?" She asked Scarlet as Diana walked outside with them.

"I am now. Uncle Damon took all of the pain away." Scarlet answered as she reached over and hugged Damon, which brought Ichiru to smile. "I love you."

"I love you too sweetheart." Damon responded with a smile, and Abigail joined in on the hug as well.

"Diana, their food is ready." Mason's voice could be heard from inside, and the young Witch quickly disappeared back inside the restaurant.

"Let's go eat." Damon said as the rest of the group stood up, heading back inside. Ichiru noticed Kotomi and Damon stay behind to talk, which brought him to look back at them in question, although he went ahead with the others and returned to the table.

"Everything okay?" Isobel asked as the group sat down, Kiseki looking at them with concern and question.

"Everything's fine." Kotomi answered with a smile, beginning to eat her food. Kiseki glanced at Ichiru, who didn’t seem to be showing any more uneasiness than before, receiving a nod from his twin, which made him relax slightly, he and Ichiru beginning to eat their food as well.

"My name is Diana and I'll be your waitress today." Aiden looked away from the window to Diana as she placed a glass of water on the table. "Can I get you anything else to drink? Soda? Iced Tea?"

“Oh lucky me. I get a pretty waitress today.” Aiden smirked at her as he responded. However, he decided not to reveal the fact that he was a Vampire by making a joke about her blood, instead responding with, “Sweetened iced tea will be fine.”
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