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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

When Damon learned the shocking news about Mason being a Werewolf he quickly glanced over to his friends to see if they had caught into the conversation, but it didn't look like they had as they continued to talk to Rebekah, Kol and Finn. Klaus however had heard the conversation, bringing him to be lost in thought of how he could use this situation for future advantages.

A powerful force suddenly came across the entire group as they all fell silent to take in the sudden energy; even Rebekah, Kol and Finn remained quiet as they looked at each other in confusion. Diana and Mason looked at each other in alarm when feeling it too, the sudden pull of energy becoming even closer by the second. Realizing that they were giving a reaction of feeling a Supernatural being, Rebekah quickly stirred up a conversation with her brothers to act like nothing was wrong.

Do you guys feel that? Kol asked telepathically to Finn and Rebekah. He would had asked Klaus as well but he didn't know if sending telepathic messages to a Ghost would work.

Yeah I feel it. Ashley and her friends must feel it too, seeing as they suddenly became quiet. Finn responded.

What do you think it could be? Rebekah joined in.

I don't know, but we'll find out in a few moments. Klaus joined in as well, the four of them looking towards the door along with Ashley and most of her group. A ginger haired boy then walked into the restaurant and taking a seat a few tables down and next to a window, bringing Ashley to look at her friends.

"Something isn't right at all." Diana whispered to Mason from the bar.

"Mommy, could Abigail and I play outside until our food comes here?" Scarlet asked in a sweet voice to Ashley and Ichiru as the two toddlers gave their parents a smile.

"I don't think that's a good ide-" Ashley began.

"I'll go take them outside for a few minutes." Kotomi offered. "I could use the fresh air anyways." Ashley was silent for a few moments as she thought it over; normally she would of had no problem at all, but when the sudden force that came from the other male a few tables away, her guard was completely up now. With a sigh though Ashley nodded, looking at Kotomi.

"Okay, just be sure to keep a close eye on them." Ashley traveled her eyes to the mysterious new male as Kotomi nodded, her gaze following Ashley's.

"I will." Kotomi said, her and the children standing up and giving Aiden another look, then walking out of the restaurant and going to the sidewalk. On the sidewalk there was a black Hopscotch board that the girls walked over to, though it was right outside the window that Aiden's table was it. Kotomi froze in slight shock when realizing this, but the young Vampire sighed, doing her best not to look at him.

"We need a rock to play Hopscotch." Abigail said, walking a few feet away and picking up a rock that was the size of her fist. "Got one." The toddler said happily. The three girls then began to play, Kotomi trying her best to ignore Aiden from just the other side of the glass. Their fun didn't last very long however as Scarlet fell to the ground when not landing quite right, the toddler scraping up her entire left knee.

"Are you okay?" Kotomi asked as she quickly knelt down beside Scarlet. Thick, dark red blood trickled down the toddler's leg as Abigail looked in horror at all of the blood. The scent of the blood hit Kotomi's nose like a punch, the young Vampire not being ready for it as her eyes turned black, along with the black veins underneath her eyes as her fangs quickly pierced her gums.

"Auntie Kotomi..." Abigail said as Kotomi quickly stood up, taking a few deep breaths as she tried to calm herself down. The scent traveled inside of the restaurant, bringing Ashley to look at Ichiru in alarm. Her and Damon then quickly stood up and walked outside, though by then Kotomi's face finally went back to normal and was able to kneel down at Scarlet's side again, the toddler having tears in her eyes now from the pain.

"What happened?" Ashley asked as her and Damon knelt down by Kotomi, Abigail and Scarlet as well.

"We were playing Hopscotch and Scarlet fell." Kotomi responded. Damon extended his hand towards the wound and healed it, though they still had to clean up the leftover blood on Scarlet's leg.

"I'll go get a wet cloth." Damon said, standing up and walking back inside. The Vampire walked over to the bar, looking at Diana as Mason went to go get more ice from the back. "Do you guys have a spare cloth or anything? Ashley's daughter fell on the sidewalk and cut her knee open."

"Yeah." Diana quickly got a white rag and dampened it with warm water. "Is she okay?" Diana asked as she handed Damon the cloth.

"Yeah. I healed the wound so her leg just has to get cleaned up." Damon whispered, walking away and back outside, leaving Diana to look down. He was giving her even more reasons to think that he wasn't completely evil...

"Thanks." Ashley said as Damon handed her the cloth, the brunette wiping away the blood. "Are you okay?" Ashley asked Scarlet, Diana walking outside and over to the group.

"I am now. Uncle Damon took all of the pain away." Scarlet answered as she reached over and hugged Damon. "I love you."

"I love you too sweetheart." Damon responded with a smile, to which Abigail joined in on the hug too. Diana couldn't help but smile at Damon as well, clearing seeing how much he cared for the two toddlers.

"Diana, their food is ready." Mason's voice could be heard from inside, the young Witch quickly going back inside.

"Let's go eat." Damon said as the rest of the group stood up, beginning to walk away.

"Can I talk to you for a minute, Damon?" Kotomi asked, bringing him to nod as Ashley, Abigail and Scarlet walked inside and to their seats. Diana and Mason both appeared with trays of food, handing them out to the group.

"What's wrong?" Damon asked in concern.

"I know you have suspicions about Rebekah, Kol and Finn; my mom, Ichiru and even Kiseki do too. I could see it on Ichiru's and Kiseki's faces." Kotomi said.

"I know, but the only problem is that the rest of the group doesn't see it. What are we going to do?" Damon asked.

"We'll just have to wait to talk to them until we get home and just be on our guard." Kotomi responded as Damon nodded.

"There's also another surprise that I bet you don't know." Damon said.

"I know already; that new person. His energy is so strong, like he's a very powerful Vampire or something." Kotomi said with uneasiness.

"Well there's that, and also that Mason is a Werewolf." Damon's words took Kotomi completely off guard.


"Yup. I heard them whispering about it. Jeremy knows about Mason too and helps him with the full moon." Damon said.

"Well if Jeremy trusts Mason then we should too. He seems really nice." Damon nodded at Kotomi words.

"We just need to be extremely careful right now." Damon said, Kotomi nodding as the two walked back inside and to their seats, the food being there.

"Everything okay?" Isobel asked.

"Everything's fine." Kotomi said with a smile, beginning to eat her food. Even though Diana could feel that Aiden was a powerful Supernatural being, she was still the only waitress on shift right now, the young Witch walking over to his table with a glass of water in hand.

"My name is Diana and I'll be your waitress today." Diana said to Aiden, placing down the water on the table. "Can I get you anything else to drink? Soda? Iced Tea?" Diana asked.

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