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Default Re: [SUDS] Dreamwalkers [All Role Players welcome!]

Le short. :c

Name: Derek Cahalan

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Clickie //too lazy to write about him and credit to Hapuriainen's Pokemon Trainer Creator v2. Credit goes to her.

Personality: Derek is the self-proclaimed leader of everything. He is extremely positive and outgoing, but can seem conceited to others in his excitement. People tend to either love him or hate him, as he is more of an acquired taste”. His emotions are usually quite readable, although he hates that about himself and tries to hide them a little more. Typically he is the jumpy and anxious one of the group, and loves pushing both himself and his Pokemon to the fullest. He cannot sit still, and therefore is not the greatest person to go to if you want a good listener. His motto is something along the lines of “Do first, think later”, and he gets along best with people who think the same way. He usually doesn’t like to hear what other people have to say if he has what he thinks is a good idea, mostly because he has confidence in his intelligence. He is not the smartest person ever, but he is a fairly good strategist when he really tries. His biggest weakness is being judgmental; he knows not to judge a book by its cover but he ends up doing it anyways. Always expect 100% from Derek, no matter how little and unimportant the task at hand is.

History: Derek was born in Hoenn, but moved to Unova when he was only 2. His parents were instructors at a local Pokemon school, but as he grew up he wasn't that interested in them. The only reason he started raising Pokemon was because everyone at school did, and he wanted to fit in. His parents started him off with the only Pokemon they had that was not much use around the house; a baby Wingull they had gotten as a gift from a friend. As soon as Derek received his first Pokemon, he was hooked. He went all around Unova looking for more companions to join him, and eventually got to the Pokemon League. However, he lost miserably and fled to Hoenn in shame. There he trained nonstop and traveled all over the region, but reached the League again. He made it to the Champion, but lost due to a lucky dodge by Steven's Cradily. By this point, he was 14 years old and felt like a failure. To recuperate, he returned to Unova but found that the disease had struck his hometown. He could not sleep for many days, spending the new found time training and trying to sleep.


Marty the Male Pelipper

Tanya the Female Zebstrika

Albert the Male Piloswine

Jacob the Male Scizor

Shiloh the Male Magmar

Kevin the Male Lombre

Other: Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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