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Default Re: Basic Guide to Role Playing - For the New!

Signing Up: First Steps!

The Sign Up process for role plays are very simple. First of all when looking for a role play to join, you’re probably looking for a specific type, be it a Pokémon one since you are after all, on a Pokémon forum, or maybe you’re looking for something non-Pokémon related? Both types are perfectly allowed in the Role Play boards and stories of all kinds are welcome! Obviously Pokémon plots will have a [Pokémon] prefix in front of them, and anything else will have an [Other] prefix in front of it. Reading the plot displayed on the first post of a role play will tell you what kind of role play it will be, along with any additional information the author or GM has put. We have all kinds of genre’s, mostly action adventure with fantasy, but all kinds such as science fiction, non-fiction, tragedy, survival and such are around the forum. Horror and romance are not often used, but there isn’t stopping you from using them as long as they are appropriate.

What if I’m making a Role Play?
There are many things to consider when you’re making a role play; what genre is it, what rating is it aimed for, is PVP involved, will it be a limited amount of characters? What kind of problem is going on; saving the world, a war, battling an evil group or entity, protecting a chosen one? Let’s simplify making a plot:

Plot Breakdown:
Genre: Fantasy, science fiction, adventure, romance, or maybe a mix? Often the genre is depicted in what kind of plot you’re trying to think up for the role play itself.

Setting: What place and in what time your role play is taking place. Is it in a Pokémon world, a world you created yourself, a world from another universe or franchise? What time setting is it in? Medieval, future, modern, distant prehistory? This will often dictate what kind of technology is in your role play as well.

Problem or Goal: There is always a problem/goal in a plot, one that is usually the one the role players are attempting to fix, or make right again, or even achieve. A plot without a problem or goal for role players to fix/achieve is often not going to go too far, and sometimes you may develop new ones as you go along with the story! There is also nothing wrong with more than one problem in the RP, but having too many may be overwhelming. Even in these kinds of role plays, role players can play on a ‘bad guy’ side to try and make it harder for the ‘good guy’ side to fix the problem. This is what we call PVP, Player vs Player. Make sure this is mentioned in the plot if there is this kind of thing!

Putting it all together, you get your starting story for your RP, however, we’re not quite done yet! After touching up your role play with it’s plot information, making it look spiffy and intriguing, theres a few more things to put down:

Your Role Play’s Internal Rules:

This is your role play, so you can add additional rules and or guidelines or what goes on in your RP. There are a mandatory set of rules that go along with any role play, along with following the forum rules. Here are a few you may want to mention with your role play:

Rating: Is it Pg13, something a little more aimed at older teenagers? Will violence and blood be involved? Are violence and blood allowed? What level of romance is allowed? These are some questions you may want to answer. Remember not to go overboard!

Limit to characters: Some role plays have a limit to the amount of characters a person can use. There are various reasons as to why someone would want a character limit, such as activity amount, not having too much going on at once, or trying to keep things fair. Whatever the reason may be if you do have a character limit, sometimes it’s good to post the reason!

Limit on special powers: Say your role play features some super powers that are only available one per person. Some RP’s limit to how many ‘special role play powers’ a person can have per character, or maybe even one special power or item or thing per role player. In most cases for Pokémon role plays, if you allow legendary Pokémon to be used, most often it’s limited to one per person/character.

There are more internal rules you yourself can put into your role play, but try not to put too many to allow some freedom for the other role players, and not to intimidate other new people!

The Sign Up Sheet:

The Sign Up Sheet, also known as Character sheet or in most cases on PE2K, the SU sheet, is the form of which you create your character and submit it for the GM or RPM to look over and evaluate. No RP can live without them, and they come in all kinds of sizes. SU sheets are the required information for a character of yours that the GM and other players should know. [Unless under a specific section it says optional.]

Let’s look at the simple break down of an SU Sheet:

Name: Your character’s name. Sometimes specific role plays require a specific kind of name, but it is a rare case when it does. This is where you can also include nicknames or alias names as well.
Age: How old your character is. It’s very straight forward, the only complications being if you are playing a different species that ages in a manner not similar to humans. In which case, you can put the literal age, and then mental age.
Appearance/Description: How your character looks, including distinguishing features, clothing or accessories. Many simpler role plays will allow just a picture of your character without a description, however a picture doesn’t tell all!
Personality: How your character acts, thinks, feels about certain things, their outlooks, morales, whatever they think when someone takes the last of their favorite snack off the barista shelf. This tells the GM/RPM more of what kind of person your character is. Try to avoid using single sentences to describe your character’s personality, expand on it, include their weaknesses and strong points!
History/Backstory: In a nut shell, how your character came to be the character they are now in the current time setting. It doesn’t need to go as far as to when they were born, but maybe as a young kid. How did they become the person they are? Explain why your character acts certain ways as written in the personality! Most times role players include part of the plot of the RP they’re joining within the history of their character to better connect to the story.
Other: This is basically a section for anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else should it not fit anywhere else. If the role play involves powers for characters, it’s often a good idea to put in a ‘Powers/Abilities’ section into the Sign Up sheet. For Pokémon role plays, put in a ‘Pokémon’ section is they aren’t playing an actual Pokémon themselves!

*Remember to give time for those people who have reserved a spot in your RP to finish their characters!

So you think you’ve got the basics of creating a Role Play and Sign Up thread? If you do, great! If not, nothing wrong with asking a fellow role player for some help or advice with the Role Play Team Creation thread! Feel free to even ask for help after the thread is posted!
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