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Default Re: [CONTEST] Random Sprite Contest!

Species: Confusion Pokémon
Gender Ratio: : 10% : 90%
Dex Information: Its afro hair is used to attract its prey Pokémon. It can also be used to avoid its head being crashed on the ground when falling. This Pokémon often shows people's future & past and mixes randomly to confuse them.
Egg Group: Humanshape, Indetermined/Amorphous
EXP to hatch: 5355
Evolution: -
Catch Rate: 45

Wobbuffet: base, face.
Whimsicott: afro hair, green hair.
Staravia: face's star sign, butt feathers, front hair.
Minun: arms (from Minun's ears >.>), chest's sign.
Weavile: pink neck and hair thingy, legs.

Banner by Pokemon Trainer Sarah
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