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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Amber Greenwood
The streets of Skyspire
Affected RPers: N/A

For a runaway turned forest dweller, going to the city should have been the first thing to avoid. This should have been made even clearer when even in the last settlement visited; there had been missing posters of herself still posted. Her animals would be out of place in an urban centre, thus making the young woman an oddity among the crowds.

Amber wasn’t one dwindle on such details. News of the Games had reached her ears, which managed to pick her fancy. This was the one time that, curiously enough, would be ideal for traveling to the capital.

The human traffic was higher, and the nature of these characters varied greatly. People from far and wide were drawn in for the event, even this early. The wildlife would seem a lot less odd considering the diversity of the populace. Focus was, of course, on the Games and at this stage, commerce. Merchants gathered, in hopes of selling their goods to a wide cliental.

In reality, these advantages had slipped Amber. When she wanted to do something, it usually ended up happening. One would probably wonder in awe how a person such as herself had managed to elude capture as both a runaway and a mage. In reality, Amber Greenwood wasn’t a thinker, but she wasn’t an idiot either.

It was fairly late when the redhead and her pets finally arrived in Skyspire. The moon hung in the sky, for a while, it had served as the torch leading the way forward. Now, however, that role was shared with the city lights, which continued to shine even into the new day. Despite the hour, many of the buildings still bleed light, indicating its occupants were still awake.

Amber knew it was a time were families tended to unite, friends came to visit and people were in the mood to celebrate. Her memory also told her that the festive atmosphere tended to persist until the Games’ end.

Ignoring the past, she marched down the street, which was surprisingly empty considering the illumination. Merchant stands were closed for the night, there was little to do outside but walk.

Normally, the young woman would get her nose into everything. She’d brought a good sum of her accumulated funds in hopes of finding peculiarities and paying for a room. However, despite humming a merry tune under her breath, Amber was tired. Her feet weren’t used to covering those many kilometers in such a short time.

Lapis, a Blue Jay, sat quietly on her shoulder, occasionally responding to certain foreign noises. More unusually, however, was the lynx that hung to Amber’s left. Like a trained dog, it stayed by her side following her master’s every move. Logically, it would have been a better idea to leave Jade in the forest, but in reality, that was out of the question.

She finally stopped outside a fairly decent looking place. The wooden sign hanging beside the door read “Lily’s Inn” although it wasn’t easy to distinguish at first.

“Here looks okay,” Amber stated with a nod.

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