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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Blue stats
Pokemon in party:

Burny- Charizard - male
Points: 36

Rocky - Graveler(Male)Points:25

Zuey - Golbat(Male)Points:22

Drowzee(Female)Points: 14

Mr. Pincher - Kingler(Male)Points: 29

Pinsir - (Male)Points: 50

Pokemon in box:

Shellder - (Female)Points: 13

Fangs - Ekans(Male)Points:9 *(At Daycare)

Aerial Ace - Spearow(Female)Points: 7

Gassy - Nidorino(Male)Points: 16

Squirt - Poliwag(Male)Points: 12

Beat Pewter City Gym Leader Brock.
Rejoins Blue Team 8/28/2012
Recieves Pinsir as a gift 8/30/12
Beat Cress on a ship back to main land... recieves cascade badge.

Total points: 349
Total spent: 236
Current total: 113
Began Journey on... 5/20/12

Pokemon Captured (Total:-75)
(-8)Caught Geodude - Mt. Moon
(-8)Caught Zubat - Grassy Area!
(-7)Caught Nidoran - Grassy Area
(-5)Challenged and beat Pewter City Gym
(-13)Catches Shellder in sunk ship
(-13)Catches Krabby on beachy area
(-14)Catches Drowzee - Grassy Area
(-7) Catches Spearow in Grassy Area

Pokemon I Evolved (Total Points:-144)
(-52)Fully Evolving Charizard
(-25)Evoling Geodude to Graveler
(-16)Nidoran Egolving to Nidorino
(-22)Zubat Evovling to Golbat
(-29) Evolving Krabby to Kingler

Pokemon I got as a Gift
Recieves Ekans(level 9) as a gift
Receives Pinsir(level 50) as a Gift (8/30/12)
Receives Poliwag(Level 16) as a gift (9/11/2012)

Gym Battles (Total Points: -17)
(-5)Boulder Badge - Brock

(-4 to win)(-8 for badge)
Cascade Badge - Cress

Other Battles (+13 Points)
Beat Rival Twice
(+8 for battling Feraligatr)
(+5 for beating Zombie Charizard)

Other things to note
Rejoins Journey 8/28/2012

Revive X1, Water Stoon X1, Moon Stone X1

Gold Stats
Pokemon in party

Pokemon in box


Total Points: 4
Total spent points: 0
Current Points: 4



Met The group on 10/18/12

Pokemon Captured


Pokemon I evolved


Other Battles


Town Map X1,
I am Brandon, I have 1 goal as a pokemon trainer: To become the unbeatable unlike any other... I have already become the Champion of sinnoh... and am training currently in unova to beat the Champion their.

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