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Samuel Newton & Anatenajah
Inside Conference Room at Underground
ARPers: Winter

Samuel could not help but noticed his partner, for one he had a huge sword on his back, it also appeared to have a button on the handle, and he wondered what kind of magic was that. He then noticed that he had a mask over his face, with different markings on them. Soon Excalibur started talking, “He is one, master”.

“One of what”, Samuel asked still talking through telepathy.

“A guardian you must act with caution”, Excalibur said. Samuel could then feel Excalibur’s presence leave his mind. His master always said that not knowing your opponent could cost your life and not knowing your partner could cost your life and theirs. Samuel then spoke up, “So stranger what is your name”?

Najah looked up to hear this young man speak, Najah barely talked but this would be important if they were to work together yet he would not let this man know everything about him, so he would just tell half of it.

“I am from another country from across the sea”, Najah answered and then questioned back, “And you”?

“I am from another country as well, chose to come here to start a new life”, Samuel said. Najah just nodded and put his head down trying not to talk too much. Samuel picked up that he didn’t want to talk and left it as is. Samuel thought that this stranger would be intriguing to learn more about. Samuel then folded his arms across his chest as he waited. After their little chit-chat, Samuel and Najah did not have to wait that long for their contractor finally came. Both of them looked up as she turned the door knob and said, “If you’re wondering, I am your client”. With that she entered the room. Samuel and Najah looked at each other as the woman walked in.

She barely looked like she was even twenty, and she was the one giving the mission? Yet as her back came into view, her two swords as well she also had a breastplate of armor, and her hair was jet black that fell into waves around her face. Najah noticed she was average height for a woman`, almost standing below 5’9”. Samuel had to somewhat chuckle to himself thinking of this teenager fighting. Yet he knew never to underestimate an opponent. Her skin was somewhat pale, and her eyes were a bluish kind of hue. Even though she did not look like it, she went straight to business by saying she was their client.

Samuel saw that they did not have any more chairs so he stood up and offered his chair while introducing himself, “I am Samuel Newton”. Samuel was interested on this mission for he didn’t really complete a lot of rescue missions but by the way this girl looked he knew that this mission would be far from the usual.

Najah then introduced himself, “I am Najah Rebersome”. His mind Futer, then warned him that there was something different about this girl. Najah wanted to jump straight into the mission and asked, “So who are you why do you need us, mam”? Samuel didn’t say anything because that was his question as well. Both of them looked at her for her answer.

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