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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

ARPers: The Sensei

She had hardly slept, to be honest. She couldn't sleep without Rayna near her, at least, not well. She wouldn't, not until her other half was back by her side, safe and sound. "You're going to run yourself ragged, Anya. The little one slept soundly through the night, you should have as well, it's not good for you," the feathered cougar perched almost royally atop the bed Anya had not touched all night. The onyx-haired young woman looked at the beast and sighed.

"She's an innocent thing, Laila. Rayna holds the absolute belief that I will come and rescue her, and everything will be alright. I hold no such hope--I can't. All I can do is worry, worry, worry if she will be alright for as long as it takes for me to go to her rescue. Wait, wait, wait for someone to help me because Rayna told me I needed help to get her out. I'm not going to calm down until she's safe," Anya replied, running her fingers through her hair in agitation. Laila let a breath out her nose and moved on to preening the feathers around her front paws, looking as majestic as ever, in spite the fact that she also looked so out of place that it was almost comical. Vaguely, Anya caught herself wondering if those feathers allowed the sacred beast to stay relatively dry in the water, if she ever decided to swim. If Rayna had been awake to catch the thought, she would have laughed. With a sigh and a shake of her head, Anya moved to where her swords lay against the wall of the room, the pair of large, hooked blades tipped with what looked like feathers were the product of a mixing of magic and new technologies and had cost her a lot, but it had been worth it. Very much worth it--she loved them. Without a word, she hooked a series of soft leather straps around her finger and pulled them into place so they sat snug against her back before sliding the pair of swords into place so they crossed each other, handle poking up over each shoulder. "Which is why I'm going to make sure she's safe, Laila. Go watch her, please?" The swan-feathered cougar did not answer verbally, but stood and jumped down from the bed, disappearing as she did, and leaving what appeared to be half of a teardrop-shaped clear crystal behind. "Thank you," she whispered as she picked up the crystal and moved to the door.

Southbay was not a place Anya liked very much. It was too closely built and crowded for her liking. Then again, it also smelled overpoweringly of fish, which was yet another minus. She navigated the streets at a rather brisk walk, attempting to block out the murmurs that followed her about her odd blades. Getting to the trapdoor hadn't been easy the first time, and it still wasn't easy, but she made it nonetheless. To be honest, Anya disliked the underground almost as much as she disliked Southbay itself, possibly more. It stank to high heaven, many of those present were repulsive and the men kept trying to harass her, and Anya couldn't say that she had much love for thieves to begin with, but for once it was necessary. She hoped it never was again.

Finally, she managed to navigate the place and got to the room where she was supposed to be meeting the other two she had hired. Anya prayed that they were actually worth something as she opened the door. The Yin found herself looking at two men, one completely hidden, and the other wearing a bloodstained cloak. Lovely. These were the men she was relying on to help her save her sister? "If you're wondering, I'm your client," she said before stepping completely into the room and shutting the door behind her.

Rayna and Ariel Hyde
Mage Containment Cell in Southbay
ARPers: None

/Little one, wake up. Guards are coming, be careful./ The mental warning from Laila roused Rayna from her sleep as the sound of boots pounding down the hallway became audible. The small redheaded girl sat up and looked at the door expectantly, already beginning to reach for the magic she controlled to manipulate the stone floor if she had to. The men who had caught her seemed to be expecting her to have a staff, but obviously they had not heard that their small target did not carry a staff on her, she controlled her magic via a bracelet. The very same bracelet she had had managed to slip off her wrist and into a pocket of her coat without it being discovered because they had simply assumed that they had caught the girl without her staff. Idiots. She halfway rose when the door opened, and then had to dive out of the way as the guards threw in what appeared to be a rather large tangle of limbs that let out a strangled cry as it hit the ground, but did not move afterward.

“Enjoy the company, little witch,” one of the guards hissed as the door was slammed shut again, leaving Rayna confused beyond all belief. After a few moments, Rayna stood and made her way to where the figure lay still on the floor, and then ended up staring at it in disbelief.

They had tossed in a young man whose body was distorted beyond all belief. His limbs were too long, hands too large, fingers delicate and spindly. The shaggy mane of hair that hung around his face was colorless, and his skin was nearly as white as her dress, while his face was twisted in pain. One huge hand clutched at his shoulder, blood standing out startlingly against his pale skin. Rayna cringed away mentally, as she had never cared for violence, but this man obviously needed help, which was why even as her mind shied away, the girl leaned forward and crouched down to examine the shoulder he was holding. “They’re gone, now. What did they injure you with?” she asked instinctively, keeping her voice only barely above a whisper, though she was unsure if he was conscious. After a few rather long moments, the young man groaned and shifted so that he was laying on his back rather than on his side, the way he had landed when they threw his body into the room.

“They had an accursed archer waiting for me,” the young man hissed, cracking an eye open to look at his fellow cellmate. “Good gods,” he muttered when his eye found her, “they’re taking children now?” She allowed a soft laugh to escape her lips.

“I’m just tiny, I’m older than I look. I think… Let me see, maybe I can help.” That single eye narrowed at her. It was a pretty color, Rayna thought, a kind of soft blue-green that was just a tad more green than blue.

“You think you’re older than you look? At least I know I’m older than I look,” he snorted, then grimaced as he pulled his hand back from the wound. Rayna’s mind rebelled at the sight of all the blood seeping out of the wound, and nearly gagged when he allowed her to push his patchwork shirt up to get a look at the wound. Someone had simply yanked the arrow out without bothering to even trying to apply the most basic medical treatment whatsoever.

“Oh…” Her voice trembled as she spoke, and his other eye cracked open, both eyes regarding her with concern. “Well, why don’t you tell me your name?”

“Are you okay? My name is Ariel Hyde, but please, just call me Hyde.” His voice was soft, and it made Rayna wonder just what kind of monster had shot this man and yanked the arrow out of his shoulder the way they had. Slowly, she reached into her pocket and took hold of her bracelet.

“I’ll be fine once I’ve healed you. My name is Rayna,” she whispered before reaching out to place a hand against his arm and began to call up the magic to at least stop the bleeding. “Come on, this has got to work…” The words were spoken as she released the spell, allowing the magic to flow from her to the wound in the man’s shoulder and repair what needed to be repaired. Rayna was trying to conserve what energy she could for when Anya and whoever else she had found came for her, but eventually her need to heal the injured won out. With a shake of her head, Rayna allowed enough power to heal the wound almost completely to escape her before cutting off the flow and sitting back. “There, that was nasty.”

Hyde blinked in surprise as the girl sat back, impressed. “It hurt a fair bit, but not now. Thank you very much.” It was true, the wound that had brought him so much pain before was now gone, or at least, almost gone. Rayna smiled at him, it was one of the few smiles he had seen in the years since he had been freed that hadn’t originated in the freak show.

“You’re welcome,” the girl replied quietly. The cell got quiet after that as Hyde shifted so that he was sitting up, and Rayna moved to one wall and sat against it. In the back of her mind, she heard Anya thinking something about ‘These were the guys she was relying on to help save her sister.’ She wondered vaguely what that was meant, but put it out of her mind.

Aileena Crowfeather
Somewhere between Lakeshire and Riverrun
ARPers: None, right now

"Harland, don't you dare bother that nest." The words cut through the air like a knife, and the raccoon inching his way up the tree paused to look at the speaker. The rusty-haired woman hadn't even been looking at him--she stood with her back to the tree he was climbing in, single black wing halfway spread and a crow perched on her left shoulder. One hand rested partially gripping the handle of her sheathed broadsword, but that was out of habit rather than threat to him. She knew better than that, in spite of her threats, but she still had a right to make them. "Leave the birds alone."

On her shoulder, the crow glanced back and cawed at him before taking off. Aileena then turned to face him, frowning. "Don't you give me that disapproving frown, Aileena Crowfeather," the raccoon snapped back at her, the woman's face remained impassive. One of the crow's feathers had somehow ended up in her hair. Traitor, Harland thought sharply. She was supposed to be his Guardian, however she liked birds much more than he would have appreciated. Now his diet consisted of everything that wasn't feathered, and one could only eat so much fish. That was what he got for choosing a girl as odd as she was to be his Guardian, but trouble seemed to follow her wherever she went, and he liked trouble. Her wing stretched out and flapped once, buffeting him with wind. The raccoon glared at her before a gust of wind slammed into her, blowing the crow's feather from her hair. Aileena shook her head, unbothered by the wind.

"I'll give you that look if I feel like it, Harland," she told him sharply. He hated that tone of voice that seemed to tell him that she was the superior one here, but then, he supposed she must want to feel superior over something, and she could talk to birds... Curse it all, she was growing on him! He had to admit that that air of superiority she gave off sometimes made her interesting.

"Your grave, Leena," he countered, using the name he know would make his Guardian angry.

"Don't call me Leena," she snapped back.

OOC: Jeez, this took forever to write...hope it isn't too bad.

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