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Default Re: [Wi-Fi/PO] Revolution Uprising

Originally Posted by Daigon View Post

Lmao.... sry to laugh but your partner is right. These forums have been dwindling for some time now. A new Clan, a new tourney, a new game isn't going to save this forum, nothing short hand of a miracle is going to get our activity back. Ppl have simply moved on it's been months since I've seen my leader
THANK YOU! Finally someone who agrees with me.

Originally Posted by Pickleboy View Post
IGN: Kevin
PO Name: Mr. Test/P1ckl3B0y
Japanese Nickname: 凯文 (yes, I know is Chinese, but that's what I'm fluent in)
FC: incoming
Reason For Joining?: Why not?
Past Clans: None
Pokemon Experience: Nine years now?
Other Skills: Artist
Timezone: Eastern
Favorite Color: Red

I prefer Wi-Fi, but I do use PO.
Uh, you can just put a random Japanese name. You don't have to actually put the characters, just the romaji.

Originally Posted by haybalebarn View Post
IGN: Sevv
PO Name: haybalebarn
Japanese Nickname: Seiji
FC: incoming
Reason For Joining?: Why not? I've been poking around for a while, and this seems small and comfortable, perfect for just starting competitive battling
Past Clans: none
Pokemon Experience: Hmm... 7 years?
Other Skills: I have some decent writing skill and some very basic experience in photoshop and gimp. Also, veeeeery basic html and C++ programing.
Timezone: Pacific So -7 I beleive.
Favorite Color: Green!

Just to note, I will not be doing any wifi battling unless something changes, I would only do PO battling.
Welcome aboard. I will need sprites for the both of you.
Join the PE2K Wi-Fi League!

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