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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Yeah, she does have a point.” Kiseki said, though the group could clearly detect the concern in his voice. Caroline reached over and placed her hand on top of his, lightly rubbing the top of his hand to assure him everything would be alright. After a few moments Rebekah, Kol and Finn walked over to Ashley and her group, giving them friendly smiles.

"Is it okay if we still join you?" Rebekah asked as she looked at Ashley.

"Yeah. Everyone is perfectly fine with it." Ashley said as she returned the smile, the three siblings taking a seat.

"My name is Rebekah." The blonde said as she looked at everyone. "And these are my brothers; Finn and Kol." Rebekah said as she pointed to the two males.

"My name is Ashley." Ashley said, and then introducing everyone at the table; including Damon, Abigail and Scarlet from across the room. Damon turned when hearing his name and saw that three new people joined the group, bringing him to raise an eyebrow in curiosity as he looked down at the two toddlers.

"Wanna go back to the table?" Damon asked, to which the girls nodded. Damon gently took each of their hands and guided them back to their seats, then returning to his own which happened to be right next to Rebekah.

"Bored with darts already?" Stefan teased.

"I just wanted to know what I missed." Damon shrugged as he looked over to Rebekah, Finn and Kol; Klaus just watched everything in amusement. "So, you guys are new in town?"

"Yeah." Finn said with a nod. "Since I'm the oldest sibling I'm taking care of Kol and Rebekah. Our parents and two brothers actually died a while back, and our other brother Kevin decided to pretty much ditch us to go live his own life." Finn said. A slightly suspicious look crept on Damon's face as he looked over to his friends, but Ashley, Caroline, Stefan and even Lexi didn't catch onto the accusation that was going through Damon's mind, but Isobel and Kotomi had, to which the two looked at each other. Rebekah saw this and gave Finn a warning look, though it lasted only a split second as she looked at everyone.

"I'm so sorry to hear about that..." Ashley said.

"It's okay. A new beginning is what we all needed." Rebekah said. "So what brings you guys to town?"

"We're pretty much looking for a new start too." Ashley said.

"So what happened to your parents and brothers? How did they die?" Damon pushed as he looked at the three siblings.

"Damon! You shouldn't ask that!" Lexi hissed.

"No no, it's okay." Kol said. "Our parents, Nik and Eli all died from a plan crash a few years ago, so the three of us are sticking together to pull each other through."

"Mason!" Before anyone could respond to Kol, Diana's voice was heard from the bar, bringing eyes to travel over there. The ginger haired male had accidentally spilled water all over the front of Diana's shirt, bringing Mason to actually chuckle.

"Sorry Diana." Mason threw Diana a clean towel as she sighed, trying her best to dry herself off.

"It's fine." Diana then disappeared into the kitchen to get Rebekah's, Finn's and Kol's drinks.

"That girl is pretty hot." Kol commented as Damon turned to him.

"I don't think she's looking to date anyone at the moment." Damon said, his fists tightening underneath the table from Kol's disrespecting comment about Diana.

"Really? That's a shame. She looks good enough to eat." Kol said, bringing both Rebekah and Finn to roll their eyes. Anger flashed through Damon's eyes as he looked away.

Calm down, Damon. It was just a joke. Ashley said mentally to Damon, though he didn't respond back. Diana then walked out of the kitchen and walked towards the three siblings, handing them their drinks.

"Here you guys go. Everyone's food will be ready shortly." Diana said as she looked at everyone, then turning away and walking back to the bar. As Ashley started friendly conversations with the three siblings, Damon watched Diana from the other side of the room, listening in on hers and Mason's whispered conversation.

"You know that tonight is a full moon, right?" Diana asked in a low whisper.

"Yeah, but there's one problem..." Mason responded, bringing Diana to sigh in annoyance.

"You lost the second Moonstone I gave you, didn't you?" Diana's words were more of a statement than a question.

"They're so tiny..."

"They are not, Mason! The second one I gave you was the size of a hockey puck!" Diana responded.

"I'm sorry! Do you think... do you think you could get me another one from your dad?" Mason asked.

"My dad said that the next time you lose one then he's going to kill you." Diana sighed. "But yes, I can get you another one. For now on though, the Moonstone is going to stay at my house until you need it for the full moons."

"That's a very good idea." Mason laughed, bringing Diana to smile. Damon stared at the two in shock, learning that Mason was a Werewolf...
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