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Default Re: [CONTEST] Random Sprite Contest!

Originally Posted by Decrosse View Post

Weathian - The Weather Pokemon.
Type: Water/Steel

It's wings can detect even the slightest change in temperature, which darkens if a drought is comming or lightens up if a downpour is coming .The "bell" on it's "head" secretes a sweet honey smelling scent, it is usually found near water.

Tyranitar: base, mouth
Altaria: Head feathers, wings
Metapod: front/top half
Victreebel: tail, leaf, eye
chingling: head/body (hope you don't ,imd my using a part of chingling's evolution & it's colors)

was fun anyways

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
I'll enter.
I'll probably lose though...xD But, oh well! If I lose, try, try again!
Your Pokemon are: Lanturn, Chikorita, Absol, Illumise, and Ambipom!
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