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Default Re: Bullies paying long after crime

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
good. then i was in elementary school, it was this bully who just disgusted me, not only did he pick on the other kids, but he took advantage of his large-for-age size, so here was nothing the small kids could do! he bragged really much too. one day he got into a fight, it was in 9th grade, (the first time i saw him actually fighting), and he got beat up really bad! i remember the other guy landing a powerful punch straight in his face, and that was it, he sat down crying, screaming for the teacher, after all these years, he started crying after one hit. i don,t know what became of him, probably some kind of drug abuser. bullies are pathetic, and in most cases does not change.
But is it legal? I'm not asking for stories; I am asking for the legality of the situation.
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