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Default Re: [CONTEST] Random Sprite Contest!

I am never doing this again. It took forever to finally finish.

--The Strong Arm FUSEmon
It loves to throw its opponents with its bulky arms and crush its prey with its rock-hard pinchers. They are incredibly aggressive, and will not release prey from the grasp of its pinchers until it is successfully torn in half.
Hariyama: Ears, Large Hands, Shorts, part of the body shape, feet, color
Throh: The lines/streaks, the sash the sleeves & the whole uniform concept, color
Froslass: The sash, sleeves, the face segmentation, icicle horns, color, shorts, partially responsible for the tipped / clawed fingers
Foongus: the mushroom cap. Obviously hard to tell at the current angle what that thing is.
Pinsir: The teeth, claws at feet, partially responsible for the tipped / clawed fingers, icicle horns, color, shoulder segmentations

Custom, and used under 15 colors. 13 to be exact, if I recall correctly.
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