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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Ichiru saw Ashley nod in response to his words from beside him, along with Kiseki. He was glad he was able to tell everyone about the dream, but that didn’t seem to ease his worries that much. When telling the group about it, he had denied being too worried by simply brushing it off as paranoia but in reality it really bothered him. He decided to push the matter out of his mind for now, instead directing his attention to Damon and Diana across the room, listening to their conversation.

"Do you really think she likes him?" Lexi asked with a small chuckle after Diana had walked away.

"In the Supernatural world, who knows..." Stefan said with a sigh. "I have a feeling those two are going to be at it for a while."

"I can only imagine. She seems just as stubborn as Damon." Kotomi said.

"She must get it from Ashley then." Isobel laughed, and Ichiru couldn’t help but smile at the comment. Diana returned to their table shortly after with a pen and pad in her hand.

"Are you guys ready to order?"

"I think most of us are." Ashley responded with a nod. “Abigail and Scarlet will be having chicken nuggets and fries from the kid's menu and they'll also have apple juice. Damon will hav-"

"Don't forget my burger and fries!" Damon’s voice suddenly cut Ashley off from across the room, and the twins chuckled softly as the brunette shook her head in annoyance.

"How do you want your burger cooked?" Diana asked as she looked over at Damon.

"Medium rare."

"Do you want anything to drink?" Diana asked after writing everything down, looking back to the male Vampire.

"I'll just get a beer from the bar when the food is ready." Damon answered, and Diana turned back to the group.

"As I was saying before Damon cut me off," Ashley said with a light chuckle. "I'll have the chicken Caesar salad with an sweetened iced tea."

"I'll have the exact same thing." Caroline said, to which Diana nodded as she wrote everything down.

"I'll have the same thing Damon is having." Stefan said.

"Me too actually. That sounds really good." Lexi added.

"I'll have a cheese steak with fries and a Mountain Dew." Kotomi said.

"I'll have the same but with an Apple Martini." Kiseki looked back over to the children as Isobel ordered, seeing them looking at each other in confusion. A strange feeling suddenly washed over him then, almost equivalent to what Ichiru had felt only moments before.

"Have you guys decided what you wanted yet?" Ashley asked as she looked over to Ichiru and Kiseki.

“I’ll have the burger and fries as well,” Ichiru answered, then shifting his gaze over to Kiseki. This time it was the younger twin who seemed to be lost in thought, although before Ichiru could say anything, he seemed to snap back into reality.

“I’ll have the same thing as Kotomi.” He told Diana with a smile, trying to shake off the feeling he’d gotten before.
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