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Default Pokemon Gaming Channel: Looking for Staff!

Hello everyone!
For some time, I've been recording "Let's Play" videos of Nintendo games.
I'm looking for some people to make a full-on Pokemon gaming channel and blog.

First, I'll tell you about roles:

-Gamers: Gamers are who I'm looking for the most, and who I'm looking for the most of. They must be able to sacrifice at least one hour of their time per week in order to play their assigned game. Gamers must have the XSplit Broadcaster (A free live-stream program), and must submit an example of a "Let's Play" by them. "Let's Play" videos must have audio of the gamer, and are allowed to have a face cam.

-Graphic Artist: I am looking for one or two talented graphic artists to make the background/foreground/any other images which may be associated with the "Let's Play" channel and blog. Graphic artists will be needed in the first 1-3 weeks, and whenever graphics need to be updated. Graphic artists must submit examples of their work.

-HTML Coders: I am looking for one person to code the blog along with myself. HTML coders must have at least one year of experience in coding HTML (even if it's just coding a MySpace page). HTML coders will be needed as often as graphic artists, and must work alongside graphic artists.

*Graphic artists may may apply to HTML coding as well; you have a better chance of becoming an HTML coder if you are also a graphic artist*

So all together, I'm looking for approximately 3-8 gamers, 2 graphic artists, and 1 HTML coder.

If you would like to submit an application for any of the following roles, please send me a private message with the title "APPLICATION".

Here are the applications:


Must audition with one hour "Let's Play" of Pokemon Red, Green, Blue or Yellow.

 Time Zone:
Date available to start:
Dates available to stream:
Times available to stream:
Youtube Link to Audition:
Graphic Artists

Date available to start:
Time available to make graphics per week:
Program used to make graphics:
Years of experience making graphics:
Any examples of your work:
HTML Coders

Date available to start:
Time available to code HTML per week:
Program used to code HTML:
Years of experience coding HTML:
Any examples of your work:
*You are allowed to submit more than one application*

If you have any other questions/comments/suggestions, please post them below, and I will reply ASAP.

I'm hoping to get this up by the second week of June. If people apply early, and I can go through the applications, it might start earlier.

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