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Default Re: Digi Chronicles- Book 1: Dark Secrets (Chapter One out now!)

Chapter Two:

August 3
Stark City

"We're here. We've finally made it."
"Stop being so dramatic, Kate," I tell her. "It's only Stark City, all of us have been here dozens of times."
"It's true, ya' know," Kent adds. "Ratix, George, you, and I always come here every Saturday."
"I know," Kate replies, "it's just that...this time...seems...different for some reason."
She's right, I think to myself, it does seem a little different this time. No one is out right now, and the streets should be FILLED with people.
We hear a roar coming from a distance and look around.
Nothing....What was that?
"ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!" A giant monster appears in front of us as it roars.
"What is that?!" I ask as everyone scatters from the monster.
"It looks like a giant Gigadramon!" George exclaims as he's running. "They're very dangerous, so stay away!"
As the Gigadramon comes closer to me, I try to move, but my body is paralyzed.
I never thought it would end this way, I think to myself. But, right when I thought it was the end, I heard something from the distance.
"Ice Blast!"
The Gigadramon backs away, and the strange being comes closer to me.
It can't be it must be a Digimon....Huh. What a strange looking Digimon
"Run away as far as you can," the Digimon tells me. "Hm? What's that glowing?"
I look down and see my Digivice is forming a strange picture on the screen.
"You're one of them!"
"One of what?" I reply, confusingly. "What does this mean?"
The Digimon changes to a human.
"Watch what I do, okay?" the person asks me.
The person pulls out his Digivice, and data starts swirling around his hand.
"EXECUTE!" he shouts. "Spirit...EVOLUTION!"
I watch as a blinding light covers him as he metamorphoses to a Digimon.
I follow exactly as he does.
Calm down...just focus...
As the data swirls around my hand, I put it on the Digivice.
"EXECUTE!" I shout. "Spirit...EVOLUTION!"
All this data surrounds me, and it seems that armor shapes to me.
"Occuamon!" I shout again. I look at the Gigadramon and it doesn't seem so tough anymore.
"Water Burst!" A stream of water comes out and slams Gigadramon in the face.
"Let's finish this together," the human/Ikamon says to me. "I'll use Ice Blast, and you use Water Burst, okay?"
"Perfect," I reply to him.
"Water Burst!"
"Ice Blast!"
The attacks destroy Gigadramon, but leaves a little statue-like thing of it.
"What is that?" I ask as we degenerate.
"That's it's spirit," the person replies. "Also, I'm Souka. And you can have that spirit."
"Ratix, and thanks," I tell him.
I point my Digivice at the spirit, and light envelopes it as it hovers to the Digivice.


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