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Default Weekly Anime: Black & White - Episode 4

A mysterious rare creature has been spotted around the Don George Facilities, find out what happens in, The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice


Ash and Iris arrive in the city that is close by to Striaton City.

In order to satisfy his itch to battle, Ash heads over to the Pokemon Battling Club.

A mysterious pokemon seems to have been causing trouble for the Pokemon Battling Club. The pokemon turns out to be a Tepig. After a tussle with Team Rocket, Ash decides to capture Tepig.


Ash and Iris

So we hit another city on the way to Ash’s (and Iris’s) journey to Striaton City. The episode overall was pretty okay and much better compare to last week’s episode. Ash is doing what Ash does best which is battling and being Ash. If anything Ash got some major points in this episode as we saw he used the Pokedex to looking up a pokemon. That is new since I don’t think we ever seen Ash look up a pokemon much less recognize a pokemon on his own. It did turn out that the pokemon Ash thought was wrong but can’t blame the kid for trying much less trying to figure out the pokemon on his own. I hope to see more of these scenes coming from Ash later on in the future.

Iris is getting on my nerves but I don’t think this week is the week where I get to go full on out on why she is getting on my nerves. Next week I think will be more fitting but for now I just say she seems to be very bratty. (Can’t wait til another person joins the traveling party.)


The plot was mostly okay. I have no real complaints and as I mention before was better then last week’s episode. The writers seem to have pulled out a bit more work in creating this episode since we got some nice gags. The best ones to mention was the boxes and wash pan falling on Pikachu and Oshawott realizing that he doesn’t want to battle against Dewott. Both moments were funny to watch and kind of made up for the fact that it was Oshawott’s fault that Pikachu was captured by Team Rocket. Please note that you can see Oshawott sleeping when Team Rocket discovered Pikachu under the box.


There isn’t really much to say concerning Tepig. I feel bad for being abandon by it’s trainer but I can’t really feel anything for it. We got this story played out three times already (see Charmander, Cyndaquil and Chimchar). If anything I just hope that we one day see Tepig’s original trainer later on in the series but I doubt that. Still one can hope.

Final Thoughts

Overall this was an okay episode. Pikachu and Oshawott seems to be a good comedy duo while Tepig seems to be a nice clean slate. I can’t wait to see what this little piggy brings to the table. Iris….for another review. Can’t wait for next week where we get a gym battle.


Written By: Mikey