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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Ana/Isa/Ranna and Caesura
Human/Nobody/Heartless and Human
Little Cafe in Traverse Town

"Oh, that's just fine," Caesura said, trying to bring up a pleasant smile to his face. Even though the girl may have been a Heartless like his apprentice said, he could all but feel the terror and anxiety coming off of her. Heartless or not, Caesura wanted to calm her down, to soothe her and make her believe that everything was alright. It was the one great failing of his, since his willingness to help had always made him very suspceptible to injuries. She didn't seem that dangerous at all.

But, just in case, he started to gather mana into the palm of his hand. If the need arose then ge could call up one of his elementals for help. He doubted that he would need to though. It would be foolish for the girl to reveal herself as an enemy, and she seemed to not want to.

Ana felt the girl's eyes lock on her, and instant her body tensed as if she was about to bolt. Her eye pulsed, like it's own little heart, and she felt Ranna trying to force her way up, to crawl to the front of her mind and crawl aroun her teeth, her dark thoughts twisting along her teeth and tongue in an attempt to speak. Ana clamped her jaw shut tightly and refused to speak, letting Isa handle it. But Ranna kept fighting, and there was an odd twisting feeling in her stomach that made it feel like she was about to throw up at any second. "E-Excuse me for a moment!" she managed to gasp out (her words hissing ever so slightly) before she leaped for her feet and ran, immediately headed out the door into the pouring rain.

Caesura watched her go. "Anastasia?" he asked, standing up as well. What int he world had her so freaked out? He turned back to Nox for a moment, his eyes dark with an apolody. "I'm terribly sorry, susually she's very nice around other people."

District Three Alleys, Traverse Town

Saxoris smiled to himself at Driax's words, developing a little fondness for the odd Nobody. She may have looked creepy with ehr appearance an all, but she was actually kind of....cute, in a way. He pulled his cloak closer around himself and frowned at the little dragon that suddenly appeared on Floria's shoulder and growled at him. He did not like being talked to like that and he was about to snap at him when he felt Driax leaning over his shoulder.

“No one will die unnecessarily by a forced hand either.”

Whoa whoa what the hell? Saxoris turned to look at the little Nobody but she seemed to revert back to herself almost instantly, going back to talking about how she didn't like the rain. He turnd back to Floria, his eyes a little narrowed. "My name is Saxoris," he said . "Ex-member of the Organization. I have a friend who has a house aorund herem and he keeps it pretty dry. Would you mind if we went there?" He seemed open enough, but he still glared at the dragon that was on her shoulder.
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