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Default Re: [WAR XI] Guardian Units of Nations

@ Neo - Accepted! Although, secretly, I was hoping you were going to join another team...Because then that way, I would have been given ample enough reason to take you down in the role play >:)

It's an honor to have you join. I feel bad for everyone else XD I have to agree, however. Metal should certainly have more than everyone else to even the odds.

Also, I don't expect anyone to slack off just because we have Neo on the team. But, I also expect you guys to have fun! So...As a compromise...Write your role play post on the couch eating donuts. How's that? :)

Behave? I always behave...Until someone tries to kill me >.>'

@ Winter - What most duded said XD

@ Star - That's very, very true. Goes to show that the RP, while very important, doesn't carry the highest amount of weight compared to some other sections.

@ Metal - I don't expect it to be easy >:3


Also, it's been decided that the ARK will NOT be in the role play. Which means Shadow is probably going to be in a terrible mood. If you know what is good for you, get him some pizza. He's partial to it XD

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