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Default Re: Contest Chat [For Contest-related questions too]

AmericanTreeF 8:45 pm
No announcement, if people care they'll look 'em up

However, I am not AmericanTreeFrog. That is quite obvious to you all. Although ATF didn't ask for me to announce this (see above quote), I thought I would anyway, for the benefit of all you lovely people. I'm sure you all do care.

AHEM. For the attention of all regular co-ordinators and judges, new combos have been discovered and added into the move list. That means there's more of an opportunity for you to get more of those points and come up with new strategies to win your contests. Although the changes may seem minor in some cases, at least you're comforted by the knowledge they're there to be used.

Additionally, the combo standby moves are now actually in their proper alphabetical order. THAT'S NOT AS IMPORTANT AS THE COMBOS, THOUGH.

The recently-added combinations are as follows:
Calm Mind + Psycho Boost.

Charge + Shock Wave.

Growth + Frenzy Plant.
Growth + Leech Seed.

Hail + Aurora Beam.
Hail + Haze.
Hail + Ice Ball.
Hail + Ice Beam.
Hail + Icy Wind.
Hail + Sheer Cold.

Mind Reader + Sheer Cold.

Rage + Thrash.

Rain Dance + Hydro Cannon.

Sandstorm + Mud Shot.
Sandstorm + Mud Sport.

Sunny Day + Blast Burn.
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