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Default Re: Replication;. {su&ds//it'sback!}

Originally Posted by Quaza529 View Post
Hi elleci can my guy have a slight american/english accent LOLZ
Sure, any accent is fine, haha. ;)

And to everyone: I'm really sorry, but I'm going to halt this RP for a week or so. I've been attacked with mounds of homework and I have a Science and Maths test coming up, so I really want to focus on my schoolwork for a little while.

This means that I ask that you do not post in the RP for the next week or so until I officially announce the RP being active again.

This does not in anyway mean I am giving up on this RP or quitting or anything, I'm just putting it on a hiatus for a week so I can focus on school without feeling guilty for not posting.

Speaking of which, I realise that I promised a post, but I've not been feeling great for the past few days and have had no energy to write. So sorry about that.

But this RP is on hiatus for the next week or two.


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